'SNL' Nails What Christmas Morning Is Really Like for Moms

Tired, underappreciated, and severely lacking in the gifts department: SNL alum and host Kristen Wiig perfectly captured the reality of Christmas for moms everywhere.

Exhausted after staying up late to make sure things are perfect? Check. Cooking a big breakfast for an overjoyed family? Check, check. Getting nothing but a robe and a less-than-ideal family photo out of the whole ordeal? Check, check, check. For moms, Christmas morning can feel like the finish line after a really long marathon—only there's no medal, and you're lucky if you can get down a sip of water.

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The December 19 holiday episode of Saturday Night Live totally hit the nail on the head when it comes to the fact that, sometimes, Mom just gets the short end of the stick. Hosted by hilarious SNL veteran Kristen Wiig, the "Christmas Morning" musical sketch has moms everywhere going, "OMG, same."

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Missed it? Here, take a quick watch:

In the hilarious sketch, Wiig plays a wiped out mom who went above and beyond making sure her kids and husband would have a magical Christmas morning full of gifts galore and a homemade breakfast. But what does she get in return? A robe. Even the family dog got more gifts—not to mention a cute little robe of its own. Sounds about right.

And of course Christmas isn't just about the gifts, but a little recognition for all that goes into making the holiday season full of magic and wonder wouldn't hurt. With budgets even tighter than usual this year, a DIY gift or heartfelt card could be just the thing to make Mom's holiday extra special, too. Because sure, seeing your little ones' smiling faces makes it all worth it but, man, can it be tiring.

Wiig sits by as her kids and husband open gift after amazing gift—just what everyone wanted, of course!—rocking her new robe and looking on proudly. To finish off the morning, hubby snaps a family photo that, of course, everyone looks great in except for mom. And then he posts it online. Sigh.

Moms everywhere can totally relate, evident by the fact that the clip is going viral and being shared all over social media. The truth is that moms are no stranger to the mental load of taking care of the family. It's emotionally and physically exhausting, and the pandemic is only adding to the burnout many caretakers feel. It's no wonder Wiig is slouched on the couch by the end of the song sipping on a glass of much-deserved wine.

So here's your reminder just in time for Christmas: Give Mom the thanks she deserves for all she does for the family. And, umm, maybe skip the robe!

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