Hilarious Ad for Ryan Reynolds' 'Home School' Gin Promises to Help You Cope With New Math

The dad of three encourages stressed-out parents to "schedule their parent-gin conference today" in a highly relatable commercial for "Home School Edition" gin.

ryan reynolds gin
Photo: Photo courtesy Aviation Gin

After a chaotic spring season, uncertain summertime, and now, bizarre academic year that is entirely or partially online for many kids, parents everywhere are feeling severely fried. Back-to-school season 2020 has been a whole new level of stressful. And that's why Ryan Reynolds is offering fellow parents a bit of real talk in a new commercial for Aviation Gin, the liquor brand he previously co-owned and for which he's the de facto ambassador.

Reynolds recently shared the spot on his Instagram account alongside the caption, "Aviation Home School edition. Official sponsor of Parent-Gin conferences." In the clip, he acknowledges that back to school time has a "whole new meaning" this year, which is why Aviation is introducing the "Home School Edition" of its product: a 1.75L bottle that is the brand's largest offering yet.

"It can help with a variety of subjects—fourth grade geography, whatever the f*** new math is, and revisiting your own long-forgotten middle school traumas," he notes in his signature, hilariously dry delivery.

The ad wraps up with a school bell sound and Reynolds concluding, "Middle school is the f***king worst."

Reynolds' eldest daughter, James, is just 5, so while he and wife Blake Lively likely haven't had to contend with the online learning nightmare that parents of older kids are facing right now, it's heartening to see that he and Aviation Gin's marketing team get it. Cheers to choosing laughter (and gin) over tears when faced with the unprecedented challenge of parenting during a pandemic.

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