Rose Leslie and Kit Harington Are Expecting Their First Child and Fans Are Thrilled

The couple, who portrayed Game of Thrones star-crossed lovers, just shared that they're expecting their first child. Here's what we know.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington
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Looks like Jon Snow and Ygritte will get a happy ending IRL: Rose Leslie and Kit Harington, the actors who portrayed the Game of Thrones star-crossed lovers, just shared that they're expecting their first child.

Leslie revealed the news (and her baby bump!) in a recent interview with Make Magazine. Leslie and Harington met as co-stars on the smash hit show and have a long history. According to People, rumors began swirling about a relationship between the two back in 2012, but it wasn't until April 2016 that they officially confirmed they were together. They got engaged in 2017 and tied the knot in Scotland in 2018.

But while Leslie and Harington's onscreen relationship was fraught with epic danger and tragedy, the real-life pair's relationship seems much more peaceful. Leslie spoke of her hopes for her growing family, indicating she'd like to raise her child in a quiet spot filled with nature. "What a glorious thing to be able to run to the countryside and recoup," Leslie told the magazine. "It's a great privilege to be surrounded by greenery, birdsong and hedgerows, and our delightful neighbors. It's so peaceful."

While life likely won't imitate art (after all, Game of Thrones is decidedly the stuff of fantasy), we do have to wonder if Leslie and Harington will opt to honor their shared history by giving the baby a Game of Thrones-inspired name. After all, the show has had a profound effect on baby name trends, with monikers like Arya, Khaleesi, and Sansa trending in recent years. Will Leslie and Harington go with something from the GOT world, a la Shae or Yara? Or will they opt for something more traditional?

One thing's for sure: We expect to see a Game of Thrones, the next generation play date with co-star Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' baby very soon.

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