Check Out The Songs Redditors Say Their Toddlers Are Obsessed With

From "Gangnam Style" to "Poker Face," these are the unexpected songs little ones are requesting on repeat according to a Reddit thread. And yes, the 'Encanto' soundtrack is still blaring too.

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"Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo…" Okay, sure, our toddlers are universally obsessed with this song. My kids are no exception, but they also inexplicably love "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. Shrug. Since my gang grooves to random tunes you might not expect, I was entertained to come across a Reddit thread in which parents share the songs their sweeties swear by—other than "Old MacDonald" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

The original poster on the thread shared how their child is all about "Gangnam Style," confessing, "I used to like the song but now I can't anymore." That tends to happen when you listen to a song 10,963 times per day. Of course, "We Don't Talk About Bruno" was a popular answer from parents sharing which songs their tots can't get enough of. "My toddler has a whole choreographed dance routine they made up for this song. Every time the song plays they drop everything and start performing," one parent adorably shared.

But songs from the Disney movie Encanto weren't the only tunes parents said their toddlers were obsessed with. Um, "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode? Yup, according to one respondent this is the song their child requests again and again. So, I asked my Alexa to play this haunting '80s song while writing this piece to see if my toddler was feeling it. He started head banging in his high chair, so I guess this one is a secret weapon I only just learned about! Thanks, Reddit parents!

"[My] 17-month-old is obsessed with 'Piano Man,'" another Reddit parent said, adding this song helps the toddler stay calm during diaper changes and even in the doctor's office.

"'We Will Rock You' by Queen. I hear him muttering 'mud on your face, big disgrace' while he's pooping," another parent hilariously confided.

"'Downtown' by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis," shared someone else. "I don't even remember how this started but we call our basement 'downtown' and he demands that song whenever we head to the playroom downtown." Pro tip: I also tested this tune out on my 1-year-old and he was bopping around like he was at a dance club for very, very small people. Win!

Other songs that parents said their small people listen to on repeat include "I'm a Gummy Bear," "This Is Halloween" (yes all year), "This Is How We Do It," "Shake It Off," "Who Let the Dogs Out," "Feel It Still," "She Bangs" and even opera sung by Pavarotti. Christmas songs also seem to be a big hit with toddlers for months following the most wonderful time of the year. Honestly, for some adults too.

Hey, no matter what music your child is into, pretty much anything beats "Baby Shark," the song about which one parent said, "send help." Unless it's "Finger Family." My deepest condolences go out to any parent who has to listen to that ditty over and over.

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