Redditor Posts an Ode to the 'Dad Bod' And We Couldn't Agree More

One Redditor's homage to the dad bod is a great reminder that it's what's on the inside that counts.

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We often put a completely unnecessary focus on women's pregnancy and postpartum bodies. But what about the "dad bod?" The term is basically a reference to the weight some fathers gain during their parenthood journey. Some say the trope is detrimental. And truly, we should stop with the labels and scrutinizing of people's bodies, whether they're parents or not.

But one Redditor has a message for dads: You look great. The user, who posts as u/alliebogege on Reddit, gave an ode to the dad bod this week. It's a 13/10, and so are the comments.

It all started when she was sitting in the Target parking lot waiting for her order and saw a white pickup pull in. "Ten years ago, I'd think, 'Hot truck, hot guy?!,' aww dad bod (sad face)," she admits.

But as she's grown older, the original poster has also grown wiser (and more empathetic and nicer).

"Now being 30 (also married) and 2.5 kids in, I see the guy jump out with a crisp white polo, golf shorts, and dad bod, and I just think, 'Damn, you must be gainfully employed, like to eat tacos, and maybe even frolf (Frisbee golf)!'" she says. "And bonus, he's toting a kid alone. Respect!"

This would be a good time to mention that lots of men take care of kids alone, either because their wives are the family's primary earner or they are a single dad. And of course, many families now include two dads who are gay.

But, back to the post, the Redditor wanted these dads to know: You're doing great.

"To the dads out there not rocking the six-pack but bringing the tacos and the fun: Keep it up!" she wrote.

Agreed. The responses were heartwarming and proved that it's truly on the inside that counts.

One top commenter replied with a sweet message about their fiancé. "My fiancé and I met almost 11 years ago…We've both put on weight, and his hair is thinning, but damn I still think he's hot! I had a dream that he and I broke up. I had a younger, richer, and more traditionally handsome lover who adored me and showered me with whatever I wanted. And still, in the dream, all I wanted was my fiancé," the commenter wrote.

Another Redditor could totally relate. "He probably tells the best dad jokes too. I'm luckily married to one of these men, and it's amazing how much what attracts you shifts as you age," the person said.

And someone else brought up an added benefit of a few extra pounds: It makes for a comfy place to rest your head.

"I love the dad bod; that stomach is the perfect pillow during movie night. Me and the kids fight over who gets the middle sectional. I usually lose, but only because the little punks cry," the poster commented.

So, there you have it. Dad bods are awesome, and so are the people rocking them while giving their children all the love they deserve. But maybe let's be kind to one another and remember, as we like to teach our kids: Treat others the way we'd like to be treated.

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