Redditor Realizes 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' Is Every Kid at Bedtime—We Stan

You will never see the classic bedtime story the same way again after reading about a Redditor's revelation. Also, why are toddlers like this?

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If you try to put a toddler to bed, he'll ask for a cup of water. If he asks for a cup of water, he'll spill it on his pajamas and need to change them. If he gets out of his pajamas, he will think it's not bedtime and start running around the house. If he runs around the house, he'll get thirsty and if he gets thirsty, he'll ask for a cup of water. Sound familiar in more ways than one? Not only could this description reflect bedtime in any parent's home, but it also sounds a lot like the popular children's book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff.

This parallel was teased out by a Redditor recently who wrote, "I had a realization today. *To give a Mouse a Cookie* is actually just re-envisioning what putting a toddler to bed is like." The original poster (OP) continued, "Books, water, a bathroom break, changing clothes, tucking me in, and changing blankets multiple times. Anything to not actually fall asleep."

For those parents who aren't being coerced into reading this classic story multiple times per night (yet!), the premise of the book is that a boy has to bend to the whim of a mouse with escalating needs that are all seemingly random and never ending. Users related so hard to the OP who saw how a toddler's behavior at bedtime bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the mouse. And, um, are we parents the boy in the story? Redditors sure think so.

"Ha, I've actually had this same thought," a commenter said about the OP's revelation. "I noticed that the boy in the book is always cleaning up whatever mess the mouse just made on the previous page…and by the end he's just too exhausted to move. It all feels too real….."

Seconded another parent, "OH MY GOSH YES! This is so true. Also my kid loves the entire series and they're basically just an illustration of what it's like having a toddler." Meanwhile, someone else said, "I love this. Last night my daughter needed a big kiss, a little kiss, a big hug, a little hug, a sweatshirt (???) Three blankets, then 2 of those removed, a book, etc. Etc. It just keeps going!"

"My 27-month-old figured out what the key is. 'I go poop' bc she knows I will let her go to the bathroom. Works every time," admitted another tired and frustrated parent.

But the award for the best attempt to stay up past bedtime goes to the child whose parent shared this tale of putting the tot to bed: "I just got done settling my 2yo after he screamed for everything he could think of including 'I WANNA GO TO COSTCOOOOOO.'"

So do we, darling. So do we. Now go to sleep.

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