Reddit Thread Spotlights the Strange (but Hilarious) Ways Kids Ask for Food

Hamburgers with cheese, raw toast, and pepperoni pizza—but hold the pepperoni. Some parents have to get creative when ordering food for their kids, and it's bound to make you smile.

Going out to eat with a small child can be something of an adventure. Sometimes, food ends up on the floor. Other times, you wind up spending more time walking around the parking lot than you do eating your meal. And on some occasions, their bizarre food preferences confuse the heck out of the restaurant staff and customers within earshot.

One parent used to be one of those confused people. But they get it now, and took to Reddit to share their revelation.

"When I was young, I'd always been confused about why people would order a hamburger and ask for cheese to be added instead of just ordering a cheeseburger," wrote u/OGDuckDaddy in the Parenting subreddit. "Today, it clicked. The people ordering hamburgers with cheese were parents. My son doesn't want a cheeseburger. He wants a hamburger. But yes, he wants cheese on it."

Makes perfect sense, right? Other parents were quick to chime in with the funny ways they order food for their little ones at restaurants, one of which included a very particular toast preference.

two kids eating toast at table
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"My 2-year-old [likes] likes toast, but don't toast the bread. If you ask her if she wants bread and butter, she says no. She wants toast, but don't toast it," one parent explained. "Raw toast is a classic," another quipped.

And another parent always has to clarify exactly what type of toast their child wants: "This is why we say, 'Do you want your toast to be cooked?'"

It's not just toast, though. Grilled cheese tends to be a favorite of kids—but don't tell this parent's child. "We get the strangest looks when we go to restaurants and order a grilled cheese, but not grilled. Three-year-old doesn't like grilled cheese but loves cheese sandwiches," the Redditor responded.

And one parent has to get creative with what would appear to be a 100 percent kid-approved food: pizza. "We used to have to order cheese pizza as 'pepperoni pizza without the pepperoni' because my son insisted he hated cheese."

These parents definitely aren't alone. Recently, there was a similar thread on Instagram, and one mom had a genius word for the creative licenses parents take to get their kids to eat: rebranding. The mom "rebranded" chicken Parmesan as chicken nuggets with cheese, and, voila: A picky eater is satisfied.

Hey, whatever gets food in those little bellies and keeps smiles on those faces, right?

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