Reddit Shares Tips for Occupying Your Time While Breastfeeding—That Isn't Doomscrolling

Whether you find yourself doomscrolling on Twitter or endlessly perusing Instagram posts, try these five creative ways to occupy your mind while nursing.

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It's especially hard not to get glued to the news and social media this year, as plenty of breastfeeding parents can attest. And when you're nursing your baby and are itching to occupy your mind, scrolling through endless posts across platforms might seem like the obvious go-to. But if you'd like an alternative, you're not alone. A parent on Reddit recently asked the community if they could share "some other stationary activities."

Writing under the handle Book_wrm, the original poster (OP) shared, "So many times throughout the day, I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Reddit or watching TV while I'm stuck on the couch breastfeeding my 6-week-old." But the OP said they would like to try something else, and they were met with a variety of interesting suggestions.

1. Try Reading

A Redditor named BreadPudding wrote that they read e-books on their phone, because it's easier to scroll versus turn pages. "You can probably borrow a lot from your local library," they suggested. "I could nurse one-handed but not no-handed, so paper books didn’t work for me."

ChampagneandCupcakes agreed, chiming in, "Seconding e-books! I invested in a Kindle, and it’s been a game-changer."

2. Get Crafty

If the OP could breastfeed hands-free, a Redditor named UnableHorse suggested that they try "knitting, crochet, embroidery, rug punching, etc."

3. Learn Something New

Other suggestions included listening to content versus staring at it mindlessly. A couple of Redditors suggested the OP try audiobooks or podcasts, while another advised trying brain-boosting games like crosswords, Sudoku, and other puzzles.

4. Journal

While time can feel like it's going so slowly, it's also flashing right before your eyes, so you might want to use the moment to preserve heartwarming memories. Busterbluth21 wrote, "Someone once gave me great advice to keep a journal for your baby. You could always jot down things they did that day while feeding."

5. Get Productive—or Not

Writing under the handle witnge, one Redditor advised that the OP try creative, social, and productive activities like coloring one-handed, making video calls to family, taking a nap, or grocery shopping or paying bills online.

But they also encouraged the OP to see it as a moment to be mindful, noting, "Breastfeeding is also a chance to savor a cup of tea or coffee since even if there's stuff to do, I can't do it anyway."

No doubt nursing could very well be a wonderful excuse for quieting your mind. And no matter which of these tips the OP and other breastfeeding parents want to try, they're sure to benefit from an even brief break from the news and social media.

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