Reddit Parents Share the Pregnancy Side Effects that Surprised Them the Most

It's cliché to say every pregnancy is different, but some Reddit moms are proving that it's true.

Nausea. Vomiting. Late-night cravings for things you'd typically find repulsive (chocolate-covered pickles, anyone?). These are typical pregnancy symptoms.

We don't hear as much about others, and one Reddit mom wanted to know if she was alone. She took to the Baby Bumps subreddit to find out.

"What's a side effect of pregnancy that hit you which you weren't expecting/had never heard of before?" u/goatsinaden asked. "Mine is feeling like my ears are blocked sometimes. I'd never heard of this happening before I got pregnant, but apparently, it's normal, and everything's fine with me. Took me by surprise, though."

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It's true. Research shows that ear issues like blockage are common in pregnancy and typically go away after birth. The same report showed nasal problems, which some Reddit commenters experienced, were also normal.

"Stuffy/runny nose all the time," someone posted. "The nosebleeds really surprised me!" commented another.

Morning sickness is a common symptom, but others found their pregnancy side-effects were more prevalent at night.

"Before about 11 weeks, I was having nightmares almost nightly," one commenter said. "Luckily, those have stopped, but I'm still having incredibly long weird dreams."

And others struggled to sleep at all. "My worst symptom has been insomnia," one mom-to-be lamented. "I just wake up after I went to sleep for no reason and take an hour or two to go back to sleep."

Ugh. Poor mama deserves to sleep when she can.

And while some people want to eat all the food, not everyone is raiding the fridge.

"I was expecting to be able to gorge since I was 'eating for two,'" someone posted. "Nope, I'm struggling to get enough calories/nutrients in because if I eat too much, it doesn't stay down."

It's important for pregnant individuals to know that it's common to have lesser-known symptoms, and some people don't show any signs at all. When I was pregnant with my first, I actually had to stop checking due date forums because every other post was a person panicking because they weren't throwing up and were concerned something was wrong. Obviously, people need a space to air out their feelings, but I also wasn't throwing up, and the posts were super anxiety-inducing. Other than severe heartburn (yes, my son was born with a full head of hair) and the occasional craving for mac 'n cheese pizza, my first trimester was a breeze.

A small percentage of people are so symptom-free, they don't even realize they are pregnant until 20 weeks. Though a missed period is the ultimate telltale sign, certain conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can cause irregular periods.

So, try not to panic if you're experiencing either a strange symptom or no symptoms, and talk through any concerns with your doctor.

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