Pregnant Redditors Share Their Wildest Pregnancy Dreams—and There Are So Many Cats

It's normal to have crazy pregnancy dreams, but wow, things can get weird during those nine months.

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During pregnancy, you may find yourself daydreaming about meeting your little bundle of joy for the first time. Perhaps you also think about your baby's first holidays with you or introducing your tiny human to some of your favorite activities.

You may think you'd have similar dreams at night. And maybe you did. But maybe you had some other ones that seemed a tad crazy to you, too.

You're not alone, and a new Reddit thread is proving it.

"What's the weirdest/creepiest dream you've had during pregnancy thus far?" asked u/goatsinaden in the Baby Bumps subreddit. "People don't talk about how dreams get stupider and weirder during pregnancy."

They're talking about it now. The post got more than 60 comments in less than 24 hours, and a whole bunch of them were about furbabies, particularly cats.

"I keep birthing cats," one person posted. "I also birthed two dream cats and one bulldog puppy," another said. "The other night, I birthed a baby kangaroo," someone posted.

The dreams weren't just about the labor and delivery process. "I haven't given birth to any animals in my dreams yet but did have to breastfeed my dog's puppies for some reason," someone spilled. "My cats were breastfeeding from my bosom," responded another commenter.

And then there was this one: "I was riding horses that looked like cats (and I don't know why)," someone said.

Humans also made cameos in these pregnant parents' dreams.

"Every single person I went to high school with has made an appearance," one Redditor responded. Another could relate. "Same!" the person said. "Like, I was married to some guy in junior high that I never met."

But this dream might take the cake.

"I dreamt about a flying marlin terrorizing my town and skewering folks," one person wrote. "I had to jump on it midair and bash it with a rock to keep it from attacking my 3-year-old. It deflated like a beach ball as it died."

A Redditor pretty much summed it up when they wrote, "Dream you is a badass."

It's actually normal to have vivid dreams and nightmares during pregnancy, experts say. Pregnancy-related dreams are particularly common. There are a few theories: Hormones may be partially to blame. Also, dreams are often a way to work through emotions, like hopes and fears. As for dreams about birthing animals, they're totally normal, according to experts. These dreams may be your mind's way of getting ready for the actual big day.

It's natural to feel all the feelings during pregnancy, and it's no surprise these emotions may spill over into our dreams. Talking about your emotions with your partner, healthcare provider, or a mental health professional can help you work through them if they're negatively affecting your daily life and nighttime routine.

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