Reddit Parents Are Tasting Their Breastmilk and Apparently It Tastes Like Everyone's Favorite Starbucks Drink

Breastmilk is a nutritious food for babies, but is it delicious? Some moms on Reddit swapped tasting notes.

Many new moms will tell you that they got bombarded with "breast is best" messages from the moment they announced they were pregnant. Fed is absolutely best, but breastmilk does have some benefits for mom and baby. Evidence suggests breastmilk reduces the risk of infants' gastrointestinal tract infections and eczema. And it may reduce the risk of breast cancer in the lactating individual.

That's all well and good, but how does it actually taste? A mom on Reddit decided to find out. It all started when she ate spicy chicken curry.

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"My mom kept making comments about my milk getting spicy, and it's going to upset the baby's tummy," u/hicanipetyourpupper posted in the breastfeeding subreddit. "Yes, my eyes rolled hard. This morning, I decided to taste my milk because I had a feeling it wouldn't be spicy. Lo and behold, it was actually pretty sweet. My baby boy is happy and healthy, and my milk is bomb. Yay."

Other Redditors quickly spilled that they had also tasted their own breastmilk. The answers were *chef's kiss.*

"Yes! I tried it when it first came in too. I got a distinct 'vanilla milkshake' aftertaste, and I was like 'YAS QUEEN' to my delirious self," one mom wrote. Another mom concurred, "Reminded me of a vanilla bean frap from Starbucks." After one mama tried it, she suddenly understood her daughter better. "I tasted mine once, and I realized why my daughter wanted the boob 24/7," she posted.

Not everyone was into it.

"I don't like it," one mom lamented. "It reminds me of almond milk, which I don't like. But baby loves it, and that's all that matters!"

She's right. As long as your baby is fed, happy and healthy, that's all that matters.

I learned that about a year ago when my son struggled to latch. I switched to exclusive pumping and recently hit my one-year goal. I did the math, and I spent the equivalent of 43 days of my life strapped to the pump. As an oversupplier, I produced more than he needed every day. Given the amount of effort I was putting into feeding my baby (and the fact that I was fortunate to have some to spare), you bet I decided to see what all the hype was about. There were also times when, in my new-mom haze, I had forgotten how long I left a bottle out and needed to "taste test."

The Redditors are right. Mine tasted like sweet vanilla almond milk. No wonder my son got excited every time we took a bottle out of the fridge.

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