A mom's kind gesture earned her a lecture from her neighbor after she (gasp) fed the neighbor's kids turkey sandwiches. Sounds harmless, right? Yup, we thought so too.

By Zara Hanawalt
April 22, 2021
An image of a sandwich on a colorful background.
Credit: Getty Images. Art: Jillian Sellers.

Picture this: You're a busy mom taking care of your own family when a new neighbor moves in near your home. The easy thing to do would be to wave to your new neighbor, maybe head over to introduce yourself to her family, right? But instead of taking the easy route, one mom decided to go out of her way: When she realized the neighbor had a lot of unpacking to do, she offered to watch the neighbor's two sons so their mom could move in peace. If you've ever moved with children, you know this is a huge favor. But somehow, the mom who extended this kind offer found herself on the receiving end of her neighbor's anger.

And the reason for said anger? Well, it had us rolling our eyes—big time. The mom shared more about the experience in a recent Reddit thread and she's wondering if she's in the wrong in this situation. Spoiler alert: We're going to go ahead and say no, the mom who posted this didn't do anything wrong.

"My daughter is fairly extroverted and immediately went outside to play with them. It was around noon at that time, so I started to make lunch. I made some turkey sandwiches with American cheese. A simple lunch that we always have," the mom wrote of her experience. "I brought out some plates so that the kids could eat outside on our benches. The kids loved it and 30 minutes later the sandwiches were gone and they were back playing soccer and tag."

Sounds like a fun play date for kids who are well on their way to becoming great neighbor-friends. Except the neighbor had a major issue with what the original poster fed her children for lunch.

After picking up her sons and taking them home, the neighbor went back to the original poster's home and proceeded to "shout" at her. After asking for confirmation that her sons had eaten turkey-and-cheese sandwiches for lunch, the neighbor said "well that is NOT enough for my boys. They're growing boys, and they need to have GOOD food, and not whatever you gave them."

We could understand the frustration if the original mom had given her kids something they were allergic to or did not eat for religious or personal reasons. But no: It seems this mom was simply angry that her sons ate something she didn't deem "good enough" for them. So entitled!

Strangely, some of the original poster's friends seemed to agree with the neighbor's take. "The lady got mad that I fed food to her sons for FREE, right? But as it turns out, three of my close friends told me that I was rude and I should have just given them something better," the mom wrote. "We had mashed potatoes and some leftover pork that wouldn't take more than 29 minutes to heat up and serve, but I didn't feel like giving them that. I don't see the problem with what I did, but I trust my friends and I want to know if I should apologize."

Our take? No, the mom shouldn't have to apologize. Reddit commenters seemed to agree. "I feel like an absurd number of people ate a turkey sandwich for lunch today and they're probably going to continue with their lives happily. No good deed goes unpunished I guess. Hope she doesn't ever need a neighbor to babysit in a jam," one commenter wrote.

"Interesting that the neighbour [sic] had left the children for several hours without worrying about what they were eating or if they were eating. OP could have sent them home at lunch time and told them to come back again after they'd eaten,"another added. "If neighbour [sic] is so precious about her children's meals, she could have stopped unpacking long enough to make a nutritionally balanced lunch that met her own standards."