Reddit Is in an Uproar After Dad Shames Mom for Body Positive Photo Shoot Embracing Her Stretch Marks

Apparently it was "indecent" that "she and about 19 other women ended up having pictures taken of their so-called 'tiger stripes' and talked about embracing their mom bodies." Cue the eye roll.

This dad on Reddit isn't happy that his fiancee, who "used to take pride in the fact that she would push herself to the limit to keep up with me fitness wise" but had since "ruined her body" after having kids, decided to take part in an empowering photo shoot with other mom friends. Redditors, naturally, were outraged. Here's what happened.

"AITA [Am I the a**hole] for telling my fiancee to stop blaming our kids for ruining her body?" Reddit user u/ThrowawayDiscu-4916 questioned. "My fiancée (46F) and I (48M) used to both be fitness enthusiasts," he explained. "She used to go to the gym with me all the time and we shared passions in mountain biking, CrossFit, and were competitive rowers from our college years onward." He vented that he still "[wanted] a 'sexy partner' [and] not just a 'momma.'"

Since having their 3- and 4-year-old daughters, though, the mom's fitness routine changed. She simply preferred the elliptical and treadmill at the gym these days and even joined support groups to help embrace her changing body and life.

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"All that's OK but one of her 'mommy' friends who runs a local women's wellness magazine asked her to do a shoot about empowering 'mom bodies,'" the dad explained. "She and about 19 other women ended up having pictures taken of their so called 'tiger stripes' and talked about embracing their mom bodies. I didn't check out what was put out until I logged on to social media today and saw my wife tagged in her picture and I felt like what I saw was just a whole lot of indecent taste."

The issue, he said, was that he felt the mom was essentially blaming the kids for ruining her body.

"There was a picture where the two kids' feet was resting near where my fiancée's stomach's 'crepe' texture started," he wrote. "My fiancee wrote an excerpt about how she used to be an avid rower and never shy in a bikini but for the longest time after the kids she ached everywhere and could barely get her excess weight and skin into her leggings. She says she felt undesirable, like she felt not valuable because she had lost her beauty and fitness." The mom shared the photo along with her new realization that the kids think she's beautiful regardless of what her body looks like and that she's proud of what her body accomplished for bringing two daughters into the world.

The dad still decided to confront his fiancee. "It was one thing to not feel like a woman but to essentially blame our kids for ruining her body when she made that decision as an adult with free will was horrible mothering," he told her. "She yelled that this wasn't what she meant and that she was saying she's grateful her body gave us children. AITA for thinking that she needed to hear that she can't blame others when if she really ruined her body that was her own decision, not my kids'?"

Are you rolling your eyes yet? Seeing red? Same goes for yours truly—and just about all of the Redditors who commented on the thread.

"YTA [you're the a**hole]," one user replied. "So much. Your wife is trying to feel secure in her body, which has changed after having kids. She's trying to be proud and feel empowered by her body. And you're being a jerk about it. At the end of the day, having your kids has changed her body and by the sounds of it, her mindset too. Which isn't a bad thing."

As another commenter pointed out, "She had 2 kids close together in her 40s. Of course her body is never going to be the same. She sounds like she's finally embracing it. You should try it."

I, a rapidly growing 8 months pregnant toddler mom, also have a little advice for this dad: Shut up. Tell your fiancee she's beautiful. Be happy that she's found peace with—and is really embracing—her changed body. Being a mom is hard enough and body shaming has got to stop. And it shouldn't happen at home or with the people you're supposed to trust the most—period.

"I hope he gets a grip after this post," another user commented, "so he doesn't affect his young girls with this horrific view of women."

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