Reddit Asks What's the Difference Between a #Boymom and #Girlmom?

One mom asked what made moms flock to the popular gendered hashtag and her fellow Redditers had thoughts.

If one thing is certain, it's that momming isn't easy. It isn't with one kid or four. It isn't easy with twins or singletons. It isn't easy with girls or boys. Yep, across the board, being a mom is pretty tough—which is why people wonder why some moms think it's different for them than it is for other moms. Namely boy moms.

A recent Reddit post posed the question, "What makes being a 'Boymom' so different than just a mom?" and, boy, did the commenters let their thoughts be known. Posted by Redditor Ethrynn, the post began, "I hope I don't get a lot of hate for this because I truly don't mean any harm or offense by it. But what is up with the whole #boymom saying?"

It's a good question, right? The #boymom hashtag is pretty ubiquitous these days and it makes sense to wonder why some moms of little boys try to differentiate from moms of little girls. Ethrynn's post continues, "I just feel like it implies some kind of line in the sand attitude that separates mothers who have just boys from the rest of motherhood entirely. I find it kind of a strange way of thinking, but I take no offense to it."

Well, Reddit had thoughts. "It's some kind of weird sexism and stereotype thing. Girls are delicate, quiet, and play nice. Boys are rough, loud, and rambunctious. Whenever someone talks about being a 'boymom' it's like they're patting themselves on the back because boys are just so much harder. I think it's dumb," wrote one commenter.

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Another wrote, "So many that I know personally desperately want or wanted a girl. Then they adopt this huge #boymom mentality after they find out it's a boy and it always seems like overcompensation to me."

A few commenters offered a bit of insight, though. "I think it's because women grew up having certain misconceptions about men and they get to raise one of their own, they are surprised at all the things boys do that they probably never knew about or expected," explained Redditor Yetiospaghettio. "The whole love thing, well, I'll just say that everyone expects girls to be sensitive but society has taught us that boys are tough. When you have a boy, you realize they're just as sensitive (if not more so) as girls and it feels great."

Another offered their thoughts on boys breaking gender roles. "I am a boy mom and I use the hashtag often. Is it because I'm trying to [highlight] that gender separation? Nope," they explained. "I use it because my son as many other boys do a myriad of things that sometimes cross gender norms and I like to highlight that just because he is a boy he can still play with My Little Pony toys or watch movies about princesses. But also he can love Legos and watching superheroes. He's a child."

Regardless of the motivation behind the hashtag, one commenter summed up pretty much the only difference between the boy mom experience and the girl mom experience quite succinctly: "Baby peeing into his own mouth while you were changing his diaper is possibly the only boymom thing I can say."

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