A mom took to the social media site to propose that people share the reasons their L.O. freaked out, and the thread is going viral. 

By Maressa Brown
February 22, 2019
Credit: Kitty/shutterstock.com

February 22, 2019

Every parent knows that their little ones aren't exactly the most rational beings. One of the funniest, most SMH-inducing illustrations of this fact is, of course, when they flip out over, well, absolutely nothing. Back in September, we saw visual evidence of this in a hilarious, viral photo series posted on the Facebook page Thunder Dungeon, shared alongside the caption, "Reasons my tiny human is crying."  The series featured photos of a little girl losing her mind because...she kept dropping her fork. Another had a meltdown over a dropped gas station receipt. Now, a mom on Reddit has tasked her fellow Redditors with sharing the reason their tiny human is crying, and the resulting thread is too funny.

"I vote that we need a weekly 'Reasons why your toddler is crying' thread (if we don’t already)," the mom who goes by JordAndyLion proposed in the Beyond the Bump subreddit. "It’s 8:30am. Here’s my list for the day so far: 

  1. I cut her grapes. She wanted to eat them whole.

  2. She wanted shoes on. I put the shoes on. 10 minutes later I asked if I could take them off so I could change her diaper. She did not want them off.

  3. I eventually took the shoes off and changed the diaper. Did not have fun.

  4. She took me to the door and wanted to go outside. Due to the 5” of snow we got last night I said “not right now.” She didn’t take it well.

  5. She wanted this fuzzy owl basket thing that I keep my pens and checkbook in. She couldn’t reach it and tantrums ensued. I gave in and emptied it and now she has the fuzzy owl basket thing.

  6. She found her daddies axe body wash and wanted me to open it so she could smell it. I opened it. It didn’t open as far as she’d like. Cue the screams.

She’s now eating a slice of cheese, so I’m in the clear for at least 5 minutes


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