Pregnancy shaming is not a good look and one Redditor has had enough.

By Kristi Pahr
November 14, 2019
Pregnant Woman Touching Belly and Sitting on Fitness Ball
Credit: fotostorm/Getty Images

If there’s one universal truth, one thing we know to be true, it’s that pregnancy is not easy. Even an “easy pregnancy” is not easy. Pregnancy is superhuman and even on the best days, it’s hard. The vomiting, the hemorrhoids, the sciatica, the sore boobs, the mood swings, and hormone-induced crying spells—nothing about pregnancy is easy and anyone who says it is has obviously never been pregnant.

One pregnant Reddit user had occasion to drop some truth after being shamed by a coworker for having a rough time. User Throwmetoflames explained the situation. “Just had to vent a little. I just had someone straight up say ‘People literally lift weights at 9 months pregnant, you can handle this.’”

Yikes, right?

“For context, this was at an event I had to attend for my class. I had to get up at 7 am for this but I don't get home from work until 2 am, so I am exhausted and the morning sickness is real," she wrote. "I was sitting on the sidelines, leaning over, rubbing my face, using all of my will power not to throw up.”

This poor mom-to-be was struggling, for real. Pregnancy is exhausting enough as it is but on less than 5 hours of sleep? The best among us would have a hard time with that.

“I am just so tired of people rolling their eyes when I ‘play the pregnancy card’ and making these side comments about me overreacting. People think if they didn't have that problem with their pregnancy than everyone else is just overreacting. It's bull.”

People don’t use pregnancy as an excuse just so they can slack off, it’s not like calling in sick so you can spend the day lounging by the pool. Pregnancy is a feat of superhuman strength, even the so-called easy ones. Every step along the long, long road to delivery feels like your body is not yours anymore—like it’s being possessed by aliens bent on overtaking your life or a parasite that’s living off your life force...which is pretty much exactly what’s happening.

Commenters on the post were largely supportive. “I used to think I would handle pregnancy like a boss. And then I got pregnant. It’s really hard. There is no glow. No energy. My lung capacity is shortened. I am chronically anemic. Its a struggle, and STILL I don't have it as bad as many women,” wrote one Redditor. “Honestly, my response to anyone that tries to make me feel bad is to tell them to f*** off.”

Pregnant people are going through it. Give them some grace, be kind, and for crying out loud, don’t shame them for taking a break every once in a while in an effort to not puke on your shoes.