Here's what look for to keep kids safe, but don't worry parents, your kids probably aren't going to get THC-infused candy for Halloween.

By Kristi Pahr
October 16, 2019

Ah, Halloween, the spookiest time of the year. Suburban front yards are magically transformed into cemeteries, spider webs drape dramatically from trees and front porch railings, tiny ghosts bob from branches, and parents around the land follow their kids around collecting candy from strangers in costumes.

Most of today's parents remember having to turn their candy haul over to their own folks to be sorted and searched for dangerous contraband before the real party could begin—gluttony with a capital G. Some things never change but, instead of the rusty razor blades of our youth (remember how some hospitals even offered to x-ray candy, just in case), parents today are being warned to check for something a little different this year.

The police department in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, posted a warning on its Facebook page advising parents to check children's candy very carefully this year for THC edibles. The post, which included a photograph of confiscated THC-infused Nerds Ropes, warned parents to be vigilant in checking packages this year because normal candy might be tough to distinguish from weed candy.

"The Johnstown Police would like to draw extra attention to the Nerds Rope edibles containing 400mg of THC found during a search warrant in Stoney Creek Twp." the post states. "During this Halloween, we urge parents to be ever vigilant in checking their children's candy before allowing them to consume those treats. Drug laced edibles are packaged like regular candy and may be hard to distinguish from the real candy."

Legal weed edibles sold in dispensaries across the country are usually clearly marked as containing THC. You can find warnings on many edibles labeling the candy as containing THC, and how much, like the knockoff Nerd Rope candy that has a high dose of THC in each piece.

It also bears mentioning that THC edibles are not cheap—one lollipop can sell for upwards of $15—and the people who enjoy THC edibles are highly unlikely to spend that much money just to give it to your kids for kicks on Halloween. (AKA, they probably want it for themselves.)

Now, we're not saying throw caution to the wind. Candy should still be checked prior to the sugar-rush free-for-all, but if you actually find weed candy, it will be because somehow someone's stash got mixed in with the regular candy. Which, again, is highly doubtful, because people who like THC edibles aren't likely to just leave them lying around.

Check your kids' candy, yes, of course. But don't expect to find any weed candy. Or razor blades. You should be more worried about the nice old lady down the street's homemade cookies. They're probably full of cat hair.


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October 20, 2019
Do you know how expensive that [filtered] is??? No one is giving it out for free.