The 13” plush Elmo will officially debut in stores in Fall 2019. 

Love to Hug Elmo with boy
Credit: Courtesy of Hasbro

January 21, 2019

 Everyone Hug Elmo!

We’re always excited to see each year’s new Elmo doll and since today is National Hugging Day, it seems appropriate to introduce Love to Hug Elmo now, even if he won’t be on shelves for several months.

Squeeze this Elmo’s tummy and he raises his arms and asks for a hug. Once he’s squeezed, Elmo responds with a phrase, a song, or a kiss. This 2019 Elmo can be set to English or Spanish mode and debuts on toy-aisle shelves this Fall for just $30.

How do we get our Elmo intel so early? Playskool will be showing off the doll at Toy Fair in New York City over President’s Day weekend in February, and they gave us a little preview. Follow along as we’ll be announcing a lot more toy news during Toy Fair week!

Incidentally, when we test new toys with kids over the Summer, Elmo pretty consistently beats out his furry competition. Last year’s Elmo wasn’t even plush, but his serious moves still got Let’s Dance Elmo a place among our Best Toys 2018 winners. So we have confidence that Love to Hug Elmo will do just fine!