The baby shark song that's stuck in your head now comes in a cute of plush toy that quickly sold out on Amazon. But you can still get your hands on one...for a hefty price!

By Jessica Hartshorn
November 30, 2018
Credit: WowWee Pinkfong

Update, December 5, 2018

Parents may be torn on whether they need the baby shark plush toys or would never let them into their homes. Yet enough families are embracing the squeezable tune that the toy sold out on Amazon within its first week on sale.

Desperate parents can still get their hands on a plush with Baby Shark and Daddy Shark dolls selling through third-party vendors for an aggressive markup: at least $80 for Baby Shark and Daddy Shark dolls and $50 for the smaller song cubes. 

We'll keep an eye out and let you know when the toys are back in stock!

    Original, November 30, 2018

    Baby Shark, do do do do do... If you didn't just sing that in your head, you somehow missed the craze sweeping preschools everywhere. Kids are obsessed with the Baby Shark Dance YouTube video, by Pinkfong. And if you have a toddler at home, you won't be surprised to learn this video has nearly two billion views.

    And now just in time for the holidays, your little one can listen to the song sans screen time with a toy baby shark. It plays the song when you squeeze it. So does your kid want one? Of course!

    So get on it, Santa! WowWee (maker of Fingerlings) is launching plush Baby Shark Dolls ($17 each) and super-adorable, stackable plush Baby Shark Cubes ($8) right in time for the holidays, and we predict a feeding frenzy. You can buy it here.

    Not to make you a nervous wreck, but the items go on presale on Amazon on Saturday, December 1. 

    Amazon will ship the toys on about December 15th, just getting them to homes in time for Christmas. There's no way (that we know of) to be first in line at a store, or to get your hands on a pink, blue, or yellow baby shark any other way other than online, at least if you want one for the holidays.

    We're told that the sharks (and more Pinkfong toys) will reach Walmart in mid-January. So if Santa doesn't bring one of these to your child for Christmas, you will have a chance to pick one up the following month. And there will be even more in the toy line for fall of next year. So, lots to look forward to in 2019, unless the Baby Shark Dance is your kryptonite, in which case we offer our condolences. If your child hasn't escaped hearing the song, we doubt he's going to escape seeing (and wanting) these toys!


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