San Francisco photographer Melissa Kaseman takes images of the quirky items her son puts in his pockets.

By Maressa Brown
Melissa Kaseman

February 15, 2019

A photographer and mom from San Francisco has created an imaginative photo series using simple items from a truly quirky and adorable source: her preschooler's pockets. Entitled "Preschool Pocket Treasures," the series features a range of objects—from string to craft supplies to toys, sticks, and hair ties— that her little one has brought home from school. 

Through the series, Kaseman aims to capture "the magic of childhood," which she tells The Huffington Post is "so fleeting." "These objects I kept finding in Calder's pockets represent a chapter of boyhood, his imagination, and the magic of finding a 'treasure,'" Kaseman shared. "I like the idea of the photographs being a taxonomy report of a child’s imagination, specifically Calder's. I hope he carries the wonderment of discovery throughout his life." 

The photographer explained that she feels like the objects her son brings home "show that art, color, and form play a major role in how Calder views and learns about the world." 

She was initially inspired to do a series like this when her mom passed away. She found items in her late mom's jacket pockets and put them aside in Ziploc bags with the intention of photographing them later on.  

The photographer said the seeds for the idea were planted when her mother passed away. Kaseman discovered random items in the her late mother's jacket pockets and archived them in Ziploc bags to later photograph.

"A simple object can hold so much weight in one’s mind," she observed.

Here are just a few of the whimsical, magical images Kaseman has taken of these simple, but powerful objects from her son's pockets.


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