People Share Hilarious Tales of Their Children as 'Coworkers,' Because Now They Basically Are

Parents who are now working from home are flooding Twitter with hilarious re-imaginings of their kids as coworkers.

As more and more parents are bringing their work home, they're seeking moments of levity to grapple with the madness of the coronavirus pandemic. One way Twitter users are doing that this week is by re-envisioning their children as coworkers. As you can imagine, the juxtaposition of cranking through deadlines at the office whilst being asked by a mini co-worker for more waffles is too funny.

Writer and speaker Shannon Dingle got the ball rolling, asking followers to tweet about a young child but using the term "my co-worker" or "my friend's co-worker."

Here, some of the best tweets and quotes. (Even editors here at Parents got in on the game!)

1. Owls and llamas, oh my

2. You work, they'll chill

"My coworker had the nerve to tell me that she doesn’t want a job. She said, 'I want you to work and just take care of me.'" — Adrienne Farr, Parents executive operations coordinator

Mother and baby girl working on laptop
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3. More chips now

"One of my 'co-workers' just flipped out because one pancake, of four, didn't have chocolate chips." — Patrick Moffitt, Parents managing editor

4. Doesn't my coworker realize he's not a puppy?

5. Typical coworker jealous at play

6. Steer clear of the grumpiest colleague

"My coworker wears headphones all day to deliberately ignore me. When I need to ask him something and tap him on the shoulder, he looks offended and angry. There’s just not a lot of synergy going on in this office." — Jessica Hartshorn, Parents entertainment editor

7. Pleading guilty

8. But honestly, why isn't there more cheesecake?

9. Nothing like having a snotty colleague

"My coworker, who is wearing only a diaper and a cowboy hat, just wiped his nose on the knee of my jeans." — Katie Arnold-Ratliff, Parents senior features editor

10. Call in the clean-up crew

11. Miss Independent

12. If ever there was a time to be challenged to a duel...

13. Who needs clothing anyway?

14. Or you could just wear...bananas!

15. TFW "quiet time" goes out the window

16. The right time for a dance party is any time, obviously

Goes to show the simplest reframing technique can prove helpful, allowing parents everywhere to make the best of a unique and stressful situation.

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