Parents Are Sharing Their Blended Families in Response to Mom Photoshopped Her Stepson Out of Family Portrait

After a stepmom's request to have her stepson removed from a family photo went viral, people on Twitter celebrated their happy blended families with heartwarming images.

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If you're raising a child from a previous relationship with a new partner, or your partner has children from a previous pairing, you're far from alone. The U.S. Bureau of Census says 1,300 new stepfamilies are forming every day, according to the most recent data. Now, parents everywhere are celebrating and showcasing what it means to be a blended family following a cringeworthy viral incident in which a stepmom sought the removal of her stepson from a family photo.

Last month, a mom posted in a Facebook group called Photoshop Fairy Connection, asking if anyone in the group if anyone "could remove the center kid"—and was instantly, understandably, met with intense backlash.

In response, parents all over the internet are sharing photos of their stepkids. For instance, a Twitter user named Sarah Marie posted a photo of her two girls, writing, "That's my 'stepdaughter' in the back. Even though her dad and I aren't together anymore, I still love her all the same. I could never imagine photoshopping her out of pictures. She will always be their sister!!"

A mom named Katie Mogg chimed in, writing, "This is my husband, our baby boy, and our son. My husband is not the biological dad of eldest," and noting that if he ever said anything like the viral stepmom, she'd break up with him. "He's taken on my son like his own," she shared.

Even adults who were raised by a stepparent chimed in. Clint Waight shared, "There are a lot of good stepparents and my stepdad is one of them. Joined our family when I was 7, I’m now 43 and live abroad, but even though my mum has since passed away and he’s remarried, I still go 'home' to his house."

"We are ALL family," shared a Twitter user named Amy Kester.

Here's hoping these proud Twitter stepparents continue to inspire parents everywhere to embrace and celebrate blended family life.

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