Parents Are Going Wild for This TikTok Baby Egg Challenge—So of Course I Tried It Too

What happens if you hand a baby a raw egg? Parents on TikTok are finding out for themselves—and the results are hilarious.

Little girl holdingn an egg in her mouth
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According to TikTok user @cassandranguyen981, if you give a baby a raw egg, they'll be gentle with it. There's no way, right? Well, after trying it with her own daughter—who was as sweet and gentle as can be when handed an egg—the trend took off on social media with other parents trying it out for themselves. This is life in quarantine, right? Anything goes.

One after another, parents handed eggs to their own kids to see what would happen. And, one after another, the babies and toddlers Did. Not. Disappoint. Well, for the most part. Behold the cuteness of the #babyandegg challenge:

This Baby Was as Sweet as Can Be

And This Baby Wanted a Little Taste

Turns out Trying to Eat the Egg Was a Trend Too

This Toddler Is the Definition of Gentle

I'm not super savvy on TikTok (older millennial here—guilty!), but this is the kind of pure content I can get behind. After going down a rabbit hole, as one does, of watching most of these precious kids tenderly embracing the eggs, I knew I had to try it out for myself.

My 20-month-old son is energetic, carefree, and loves rough play, but he's also super sweet and cuddly. He's at the age where he loves to wrestle and have a really good tickle fight, but also walks around hugging his Minnie Mouse doll and pretends to sweetly put her down for a nap. I really had no clue what he'd do with an raw egg, which made it even more exciting. Here's how it went:

So, yeah, that happened. All I can say is that I'm so happy we decided to try the challenge outside so it made for easy cleanup. However, my son did start asking for "more egg" after we were done and wanted to play this fun new game that Mommy and Daddy had accidentally created again and again. Oops.

A friend of mine tried it with her 2-year-old toddler too, and he quickly tried to smush it. What gives?! Maybe the now-viral TikTok egg challenge is really just for babies and younger toddlers—or maybe our kids are just some of the exceptions to the trend. Either way, I highly recommend trying it out with your own kids this weekend if you're looking for something to do because, hey, why not? This is life in the time of the coronavirus and eggs are apparently in now.

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