Oova Is Offering a Free Mental Health Hotline for People Struggling With Fertility This Holiday Season

The company aims to offer extra support to people grappling with fertility challenges.

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The holiday season offers a lot of opportunities to connect and bond with friends and loved ones, but it's not without stressful moments as well. All too often, open lines of communication means invasive questions like, "When can we expect grandkids?" or "Is that a pregnant belly?" In turn, people who are struggling with fertility may be left feeling frustrated, hurt, isolated, overwhelmed, or depressed.

Now, Oova, an at-home diagnostics company, is stepping in to show up for those who could use a little extra support over the holidays. After hearing about struggles faced by people in the Oova community, the company launched a national fertility hotline late last month; it's meant to provide advice, comfort, and even one-on-one support from a licensed mental health care provider.

The company explains that CEO Amy Divaraniya, who went through her own fertility struggles, will be on hand to reply to texters and is ready to provide guidance and support. Licensed clinical social worker and fertility counselor Rena Gower will also be available to help those who would like to have a deeper digital conversation about their journey.

The bottom line, according to Oova, is this: Leaning on someone who has already been through what you're currently experiencing provides a layer of comfort no other person can really give.

Anyone interested in connecting with Oova's fertility helpline this holiday season can text 215-999-2961.

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