One Mom's Observation About the Gender Stereotypes in Children's Easter Clothing Goes Viral

Who says boys shouldn't wear cute and colorful outfits with bunnies? This mama isn't happy about the gender disparity when it comes to kids' clothing.

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March 14, 2019

Shopping for kids' clothes can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. Because while we're way past the point where boys only wear blue and girls have to stick to pink, there are still certain gender stereotypes on display with children's clothing.

A Reddit user by the name of NoWomanNoFry found this to be particularly true when shopping for Easter clothes for her six-month-old son. As she wrote in a now-viral post, there were "racks, tables, and walls full of the most beautiful Easter and spring-themed clothes…for girls," but for boys? It was "the same selection I have seen for the last year," she lamented. "Black, blue, and gray boy clothes. Plaid shirts with shorts. Work-themed and monsters."

NoWomanNoFry loved the color and cute animal prints available for little girls, but she was disappointed by the lack of selection when it came to boys' clothing. She did find one frill-free Easter-themed outfit for her son, but the bunny on it was (as expected) just another shade of blue.

"Why were there no orange, yellow, red clothes with some fuzzy animals?" she asked. "Why does it have to be about jobs or monsters exclusively?"

NoWomanNoFry made it clear that she "[doesn't] wish [she'd] had a daughter," she just "[doesn't] subscribe to gender stereotypes." And while this mama didn't "want to put a dress on [her] son," she was "sick and tired of the dull clothes available to him."

"I posted the clothes on Snapchat showing the discrepancy," she wrote, "and one of my male relatives replied: 'Bunnies are not for boys. Get you a lil' girl.'"

But NoWomanNoFry fundamentally disagreed with that. "Bunnies are for boys," she declared. "Why are they already being forced to be 'manly?' Would some Easter bunnies take away from his 'manliness?' He is only six months old."

The majority of commenters on Reddit agreed with NoWomanNoFry that bunnies are, indeed, for boys, just like trucks and monsters are for girls, too. And many moms and dads pointed out that there more and more companies making gender-neutral and gender-inclusive clothes for kids.

Anything that helps neutralize outdated gender stereotypes is a win in our book. Boys and girls shouldn't be limited by antiquated societal norms, and their wardrobes shouldn't be either. Rock those bunnies, boys, and girls, wear what you like, too.

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