Now Is the Time to Try Crazy Hairstyles With Your Family Because, Why Not?

No haircut? No problem. With everyone staying close to home heading into summer, now's the time to test out your craziest hair fantasies—with a little inspiration from these 10 celebrities.

kids cutting parent's hair
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Bored in the house, in the house bored? Ditto. With weeks at home and hair salons only just starting to open back up in some areas (a business that obviously breaks the rules of safe six-foot social distancing), families have been taking haircuts and color into their own hands because, well, why not?

You've likely seen the at-home makeovers on your social media feeds over the last month or so. A little trim to a toddler's locks, a buzz cut for Dad, fresh dye for Mom—DIY hair care is totally doable. Of course you've probably also seen the too-short bangs or lopsided chop, but every reward comes with a little risk, right? And, well, most of us aren't going anywhere for a while anyway.

With school and work being done remotely, families across the nation have been taking their looks up a notch and getting really creative with their hair. From bright hues to funky styles, giving your kid a mini-makeover—or, heck, trying one out on yourself—could be the much-needed pep in your step you've been searching for. Parents have allowed their kids to play around with color as school comes to an end for the past several years, and a crazy hair makeover could be a great way to kick off summer vacation for your family too.

If you're pregnant, you might want to check in with your OB-GYN before coloring your hair. As for kids? Semi-permanent or temporary hair dye are safer options, but, as always, call your pediatrician with any concerns.

Scroll on for some celebrity-approved ideas to try with your crew!

1. Opt for a Subtle Shade Like Kristen Bell's Daughter

2. Dye Just the Tips à La Neil Patrick Harris's Daughter, Harper

3. Turn Overgrown Locks Into a Mohawk Like Armie Hammer Did

4. Elevate a Buzz With a Vibrant Dye Job Like Ruby Rose

5. Go From Blonde to Bright Blue Like Hilary Duff

6. Use Blake Shelton as Major Mullet Inspo

7. Paint Your Kid's Hair Their Favorite Color Like Blac Chyna Did for Dream

8. If Georgia May Jagger Can Rock Two Tones, so Can You

9. Copy Dua Lipa's Partially Pink Pigtail Buns

10. Carey Hart Let His Daughter Do His Hair—Let Your Kids Do Yours If You're Brave Enough

After all, hair is the perfect social distancing experiment. It'll grow back, and until then, you can always wear a hat out on your essential errands.

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