The fashion designer sat down with us to play a game of Parenting Truths.

By Kelly Corbett
February 25, 2019

February 25, 2019

One minute she’s changing diapers, the next she’s walking the runway—werk it, yasss! Nicky Hilton, mom to Lily Grace, 2, and Teddy, 1, is a fashion designer, model, and businesswoman. But while her life looks lavish from afar, she’s still trekking through motherhood like all of us—one cup of coffee, and one strange Youtube video series at a time (right now her kids are hooked on Play-Doh videos!).

We chatted with her about her Spring Passport collection with Tolani, and if you’re into colorful vibrant patterns this line delivers. “I was inspired by all the stamps in my passport" and “I wanted to design this collection, based on my favorite summer destinations,” she says. After snapping some beautiful shots on vacation, she worked with the brand to recreate these pictures onto chic pieces, resulting in a one-of-a-kind collection. 

But when she’s not sightseeing, and is home in New York City, she’s having imaginary tea with her daughters at the crack of dawn. “6 a.m. tea parties every day. It’s so cute to see their personalities and see which stuffed animals they want to invite, how they make the tea, and converse with each other.”  She explains Lily Grace is more outgoing, while Teddy is a bit more on the shy side. And there’s no shortage of food at these parties—"we have every plastic food you could imagine,” she says, including pizza.

What we enjoyed the most about Nicky's parenting style though, is her clever way of bribing her kids. She'll give them dried cranberries in return for peace and quiet. But the funny part is, she'll let them think the cranberries are candy—which is a pretty smart trick if you ask us.

As of right now, Nicky reveals the family has summer travel plans to visit their Bellport home, as well as Los Angeles to visit her parents. Hopefully some of these travels will be making their way to our closets soon.