Calling all Hello Kitty fans! Parents can share memories of their childhood with their kids thanks to a new fun and colorful line.

Mattel x Hello Kitty
Credit: Mattel

From TV show reboots to fast food joints bringing back old favorites, 2020 has been all about nostalgia. Toys are no different with puzzles and board games jumping in sales. And now parents who loved Hello Kitty growing up can share a bit of their childhood with their own kids this holiday season thanks to a never-before-seen collection.

Mattel has teamed up with Japanese company Sanrio for the Hello Kitty and Friends line, which dropped on December 3 in Walmart stores and online at Amazon. Prices range from $3.99 to $19.99 and most items are listed for kids 4 years and older.

“This collection offers Sanrio fans a whole new way to experience the brand in a fun and entertaining way,” says Jill Koch, SVP of sales and business development at Sanrio, Inc.

What shoppers can expect? A “super-cute” line of dolls featuring three colorful characters, each wearing glittery high-top sneakers, a vinyl skirt, and headpiece to match their popular mini best friend—Hello Kitty, My Melody, or Badtz-Maru. Four playsets including a Hello Kitty hamburger compact and a tea party one that double as pencil toppers and are filled with surprises. There are collectibles like the “Sanrio Surprise Stamper Minis,” which have eight figures to collect and can also be used as self-stampers, pencil toppers, and keychains.

hello kitty eclair doll
Credit: Amazon

To buy! Mattel Sanrio Hello Kitty Figure & Éclair Doll, $14.99;

We can’t leave out the iconic Hello Kitty Plush that’s 8 inches tall for kids 3 years and up, or stationery supplies that can be found in the two pencil playlets reminding us of the days before unlimited texting was a thing.

“Beloved from one generation to the next, Mattel is excited to bring the super cute world of Sanrio to life through our new line of dolls, plush, playsets, and more, offering kids new ways to engage with their favorite brand,” says Lisa McKnight, SVP and global head of Barbie and Dolls Portfolio.

And if you're a parent who is secretly just as excited to engage with these fun new pieces, don't feel guilty about it. Experts says play is a great way to alleviate some of the anxiety caused by the pandemic and this is a perfect opportunity to spend some more time with your little ones. “This holiday season," adds McKnight, "we know families are looking for more ways to connect through play and are gravitating toward nostalgic brands they know and love—like Hello Kitty and Friends."

Happy shopping!

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