Meet Gerber's Adorable 2021 Photo Winner and First-Ever Chief Growing Officer

The new Gerber spokesbaby has an extra-special title-but it's nowhere near as sweet as his story.

Gerber Baby 2021
Photo: Gerber

Gerber has a new spokesbaby-and this tiny human with a smile that could warm even the Grinch's heart is going to be working overtime. Not only is Zane Kahin the winner of Gerber's 11th annual photo search, making him the nutritional company's spokesbaby, but he's also been named the first Chief Growing Officer (CGO). The role is an honorary one on Gerber's executive committee.

Baby Zane, who was born Feb. 3, 2021 and lives in Florida, already has such an impressive resume. But behind his accomplishments, infectious giggles, and an adorable smile that lights up a room, is an incredible story.

His mother, Erin Kahin, was diagnosed with breast cancer at 27 years old. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and a double mastectomy, and doctors weren't sure she'd be able to conceive. But a year after marrying her husband, the two learned baby Zane was on the way, and these days they're eating up every moment with their little miracle.

"Our family continues to enjoy every moment and look at life with appreciation and a sense of humor," Erin said in a press release.

When he's not busy performing his Gerber spokesbaby and CGO duties, you can find Zane in his bouncer, discovering the world, and chilling with his fur-siblings, dogs Rexy and Liv.

What will baby Zane's new life as Gerber's spokesbaby and CGO look like? Perhaps the better question is, what will it taste like? Zane will get to be the official Chief Taste Tester and sample and review new baby food. He'll also step into a corner office at some point when he gets to be Gerber's CEO for a day and will provide the executive team with "advice" about what future babies need to thrive. You'll also be seeing his adorable face all over Gerber's social media for the rest of the year.

Zane will be outfitted in a CGO wardrobe valued at $1,000. He and his family will also receive a $25,000 cash price and free Gerber products for up to one year.

The start of Zane's tenure means it's the end of an era for little Magnolia Earl, a California toddler who was selected as the Gerber Baby in 2020. She was the first adopted baby to hold the title.

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