These Are the Most Common Grandparent Nicknames in Every State

From Meemaw to Abuelita, Pop-Pop to Gramps, see how the favorite nicknames for grandparents different across the U.S.

Pop-pop. Meemaw. Granny. Abuelita. Gramps. Grandparent nicknames seem to be as varied as the families who use them, but according to a recent survey by Coventry Direct, a few nicknames reign supreme throughout the country.

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In a poll of 5,000 people across the United States, they determined that Nana was far and away the most popular grandma nickname, taking the top spot in 32 states. Next in line are the Grams and Grammies, followed by Grannies, Nannies, and Mamaws. And if you live in the south, there's a good chance you call your grandmother Mamaw or Mawmaw—the most popular nickname in 7 states mostly in the south and along the Appalachians. Texas is the lone holdout for Mimi while folks in the Northeast prefer Grammie or Nana.

grandparent nicknames across states

But let's not forget the grandpas! Papa, the most common nickname in 36 states, took the top spot. Southerners are more likely to use Papaw or Pawpaw and those in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware tend to go for Pop or Pop Pop. Other favorites include Abuelo or Abuelito, Gramps, Grampy, Poppy, and Grandad.

grandparent nicknames across states

Regardless of what we call them, if it's Nana or something more unique, grandparent nicknames can be personalized ways to identify our loved ones and help our children connect with these very important people.

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