Mom's TikTok Shows Brilliant Way to Explain Coparenting Schedule to Kids

The mom described how a simple dry-erase calendar can be comforting for kids traveling between two households.

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If you're amicably sharing the responsibilities of raising your child with your ex after a split, you know just how beneficial the arrangement can be for all parties. While you're sure to have your own unique approach, trading notes with other people who co-parent can be a wonderful way to discover inventive strategies that make the set-up even more supportive for your child. That's one reason a mom's TikTok is going viral. Kinsey M., who posts under the handle skywalkeraa16_18, recently shared how a dry erase calendar is helping her 4-year-old daughter feel comfier with transitioning between two parents' homes.

In the clip, Kinsey demonstrates how she's created a basic calendar with every day of the month numbered. The days that are written in black are days she spends with her father, and the days that are in blue are days with her mom. There are also red dots on certain days, which indicate coming and going from one parent to the other.

So, if she comes to her mom's on the 31st of the month and stays through the 4th, she can go to her calendar and count how many days there are until there's a red dot—and therefore, how many days until she sees her dad again. "She'll know sometime on this day, she's leaving to go see him," explained the mom.

She elaborated, "My daughter was struggling with transitions so making her a visual to look at has given her a sense of control over the situation which in turn has given her comfort."

The clip has received over 14K likes so far, and many comments praising the mom's idea.

"My parents split when I was 7 years old, and I wish I had this as a child as I struggled big-time with the whole thing," wrote TikTok user cherise0303. And boymomma_tcg wrote, "GENIUS MOM HACK! I will definitely be doing this. My 7-year-old is having a tough time understanding the change. I think this would help. Thanks."

With hope, this idea can help more co-parents support their young child's understanding of transitioning between households and offer them a whole new level of comfort and security around the arrangement.

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