Stephanie Plucknette was taking a quick shower when her 5-year-old son found the dog clippers. What happened next landed the whole family on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

By Rebecca Macatee
April 18, 2019
Hair clippers
Credit: Lolostock/Shutterstock

April 18, 2019

It's pretty amazing what kids can get themselves into when you step away even for a few minutes. Just ask Stephanie Plucknette, a mom of three who took a quick shower before work and then discovered her three kids had shaved their heads with the dog clippers!

The nurse posted a video of her reaction after finding out her 5-year-old son Teddy had shaved his own head, his 3-year-old sister Eloise's head, and his 2-year-old brother Fred's head using the clippers she'd left in the backyard. Through tears and laughter, Mom kept her cool, even reassuring the kids, "It's just hair. It grows back!"

Plucknette's brother Ian also posted the hilarious and surprisingly heartwarming clip to Twitter last week, and it's already been shared more than 200,000 times. Parents from around the world praised Plucknette for the way she handled the situation, especially since she didn't raise her voice with the kids.

At one point in the video, a distraught little Eloise told her mom, "I look like a boy." But Plucknette quickly reassured her, "No, you don't look like a boy. You're a beautiful girl...We'll make it work."

She couldn't fulfill Eloise's request to "put more hair on my head," but she did, indeed, make it work with the locks her daughter had left.

When the Texas family appeared in a video chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, you couldn't even tell Eloise's head had been shaved—at least not from the front.

When Eloise turned around for the camera to show the back of her head, host Jimmy Kimmel joked that it "[looks] like she visited the groomer!" Mom and dad laughed, and Eloise kept right on smiling.

    And Teddy learned quite a valuable lesson. While he did admit to Kimmel that shaving everyone's heads was great fun, he told the late-night host he wouldn't be doing it again. The reason? "Because my mom told me not to do at again," he said in earnest.

    That wasn't Teddy's only takeaway from this whole experience, though. During the Plucknette family's TV appearance, Kimmel surprised them with Mickey Mouse hats...for their trip to Disneyland!

    "I want you to remember," Kimmel said, "that the moral to this story is if you shave your siblings' heads, you get to go to Disneyland."