Despite everything that went wrong for this mom while grocery shopping with her baby and toddler, Trader Joe's has proved once again that they have the best customer service around. 

By Lauren Pardee
Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

December 14, 2018

Word is spreading quickly that it’s best not to wear yoga pants to Trader Joe's. Yes, we love both so dearly, but one mom’s viral thread on Reddit is making us rethink our choice to sport yoga pants while shopping altogether—especially with kids in tow. You’re going to want to hear this one, it’s a classic tale of this is just not my day.

Reddit user u/LadyCatFeline had made the conscious decision to swear off yoga pants, one of the main reasons being they don’t have any pockets. But this mom was behind on laundry, so she broke her rule and headed off to Trader Joe's just like any other day.

“If I'm going into a store or somewhere, I won't stay too long, I put my phone and keys in my pockets and put my wallet in the shopping bags. But not today. Oh no. I didn't have pockets, so I put my phone, keys, and wallet in the shopping bags and started shopping,” she wrote.

After shopping, she headed out to her car when an employee looking to collect carts offered to assist with her bags as she was with both her toddler and baby.

“So, she starts loading the trunk with me and once we're done she says ‘I'll stay with your toddler while you get the baby in (toddler is a runner right now). Awesome! Except, the car keys were in the shopping bag, which is in the closed trunk. So, we're locked out of the car. I start laughing as she tries to decide if I've just snapped,” the mom explained.

With a locksmith over an hour away, it was time for the "teething, grouchy" baby's nap and the newly potty-trained toddler needed to use the bathroom, but hates public restrooms. Oh, the irony.

The Trader Joe’s employee brought the family water bottles and called AAA as they all hustled to the bathroom.

“We come out and she says they'll be here in 20 mins! Offers to bring us snacks or if there's anything else we need. It's getting close to nap time, so I nurse the baby on the wall and then we just hang out, playing with the stickers they gave us,” the mom wrote. “As the car arrives, she comes out with flowers and apologizes again, the guy is in my car within seconds, brings a lollypop for the toddler, and I didn't have to pay a dime.”

After a long day full of stress and bad luck, this mom was amazed by the incredible customer service provided to her at Trader Joe’s—she plans on stopping by with a "thank you" card for the clerk.

It turns out this lady isn’t the only Trader Joe’s fan, so many others chimed in with their own positive personal experiences:

Long story short: Yoga pants and grocery shopping with two little ones is most likely a recipe for disaster, but shopping at Trader Joe’s is always a good idea. In summation, this mom is being gifted a fanny pack courtesy of her husband after a day like that, which we agree is for the best.



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