Mom Writes Hilariously Snarky Messages on Her Kids' Lunch Bags

Whitney Cicero took to social media to share her signature lunch bags that sport passive-aggressive notes for her kids.  

November 20, 2018

Girl getting school lunch
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Lunch prep can be a monotonous and harried for parents, but one mom from California has figured out a funny way to entertain herself—and her kids—in the process. Whitney Cicero, who blogs and creates videos on The New Stepford, has a 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. Of course that means that she's often telling them to get off their phones, to get more sleep, to stop playing Fortnite. You know, the usual directives and words of wisdom most parents of adolescents repeat over and over again. Cicero was inspired to start sharing these phrases on her kids' paper lunch bags, and the result was too funny not to share.

Cicero's daughter recommended she take photos of the bags and post to Instagram. The next step: selling the bags at (A 10-pack costs $9.99 plus shipping.)

Here, just a few smirk- and giggle-worthy bags Cicero has made for her kids—and other parents can now grab for theirs.

Cicero told TODAY Parents about the big picture impetus behind her lunch bags: "It's imperative to have humor with your kids. We joke about everything—sex, drugs, politics, their bodies—I don't want them to think anything is taboo. Humor is a great segue into having meaningful conversations and it helps break the tension of things that can be kind of awkward. And, if we don't have a sense of humor about parenting, we will literally lose our minds."

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