An Arkansas mom is sharing how 50 Bunchems got tangled in her daughter's hair, requiring 12 hours and three people to remove them.

By Maressa Brown
January 21, 2019

January 21, 2019

A mom from Arkansas named Jasmine Nikunen is making headlines nationwide after sharing her daughter's hair horror story. Her 5-year-old Scarlett has been growing her hair long since she was a baby. During a recent playdate with her cousin, disaster struck when 3-year-old Collin dumped a bucket of Bunchem toys over the little girl's head. At least 50 of the toy balls, which have little hooks and are meant to be stuck together to form various shapes and creations, got stuck in Scarlett's hair, according to Nikunen.

Credit: Jeffrey Westbrook

"She tried to shake them out, and they immediately started to matte up like dreadlocks,” Nikunen said. “I thought we were never going to get them out."

The desperate mom took to Facebook to ask for help, and ultimately, required over 12 hours and three people to help with the process of removing the toys.

The news outlet reports that the manufacturer has been aware of the issue since the product launched in 2015, even releasing an instructional video showing people how to use conditioner or vegetable oil to remove them from hair.

That process was one that Nikunen followed to deal with her daughter's tangles. “We had about 12 containers of coconut oil and vegetable oil and any hair oil you could think of and we drenched her in it," Nikunen said.

While it was no doubt distressing and time-consuming, Nikunen was thankful not to have to take a scissors to Scarlett's mane. "She lost a lot of it, like her scalp has thinned out now. We’re just grateful we were able to salvage it," she said.

Nikunen hopes that sharing her story will prevent this from happening to other kids. Her words of wisdom for other parents, according to THV11, “Definitely watch your kids if you do have them, keep them away from the hair."


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