Mom Uses Chocolate Chip Metaphor to Backup Why She Tells People She 'Made' Her Daughter Herself

A mom on TikTok explained why, upon being complimented for her child, she replies, "Thanks, I made her myself!"

After nine months of growing a human being in your body, you have a lot to be proud of. And for a mom on TikTok, that pride has empowered her to often boast that she "made" her child herself, leaving her husband wondering, "What about me?" She addresses that question with a metaphor involving Walmart chocolate chips.

Stacey Reese, who posts under the TikTok handle That.Mother.Hustler, shared a clip in which she explained that whenever she's complimented for her child, she's fine taking full credit, responding, "Thanks, I made her myself!"

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When her husband asks, "Don't you mean WE made her?" she counters, "You simply provided me with an ingredient I needed for my recipe." In other words, she says, if she was to buy chocolate chips from Walmart for cookies, she wouldn't say that she and Walmart made the cookies.

Fellow users applauded the mom's take. One TikTokker named Abycakez wrote, "Finally, someone puts [it in] words what I've tried to [say] forever."

Hosanna Reinhardt wrote, "He only provided one ingredient. Participation award."

And Danielle Taylor noted, "He practically put his name on a group project, and you did all the work."

Some saw it as "disrespectful" and "putting her partner down." But Reese had a quip for those takes as well: "For those so concerned, I am simply talking about the initial 'making' of the child (before its born)—not raising it. My husband is a great father! We are 50/50 raising her ... Well, maybe 80/20."

Props to her for giving credit where credit is due—and continuing to gleam with pride for her nine months of hard work.

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