She's asking others to weigh in on whether this is "normal" or a sign her hubby is "still in love with the ex."

By Rebecca Macatee
January 10, 2019
Upset Pregnant Woman Argue With Husband

January 10, 2019

Some spouses get upset when their partner even mentions a former flame. Imagine, though, how you would feel if your husband wanted to name your baby after his ex-girlfriend!

For one expectant mom, this scenario became a reality when her husband suggested naming their daughter after an important woman from his past. This miffed mama-to-be wanted to know if other people considered this "normal," so she explained the situation in the "Relationship Advice" section of Reddit.

Nearly everyone who responded agreed: This dad-to-be was majorly in the wrong. The general consensus was that suggesting naming the child after an ex he "really loved" was "insanely disrespectful" to his understandably peeved pregnant wife.

Other commenters pointed out how naming a girl after her father's ex could be hard to explain to her when she's old enough to understand.

One Reddit user by the name of u/Lelandra01 spoke from personal experience.

The original poster (a Reddit user by the name of u/throwaway01928351 whose only posting ever is the one in question) has yet to respond to any of the comments or provide an update on the situation. We hope whatever happens, she and her husband can decide on a name that makes them both happy.

Picking a baby name really is a big deal, and according to Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard, the choice will have a big impact on the child's life—particularly as she gets older. "People do draw conclusions based on someone's name," says Wattenberg. "It sends out such a strong signal before the person even walks into the room."

Parents, choose those baby names wisely. And if you're looking for some inspiration, check out's baby name finder.