After her toddler's spiked hair reminded her of the Food Network star, a mom and baker from California pulled together the most outrageous Flavortown-themed celebration for her L.O.

Guy Fieri birthday
Credit: Nataly Young

It all began with a little bit of sunscreen. Nataly Young, a mom of two and owner of Great Dane Bakery in Los Alamitos, Laguna Niguel, and Huntington Beach, took a photo of her toddler Campbell with his hair spiked from wearing sunscreen. I threw sunglasses on him, and his little double chin just screamed Guy Fieri," she tells "It didn't even hit me until a month before the birthday that Flavortown could be a theme."

Young, a former event coordinator, thought to herself, "This would be so damn funny if I did it right!"

But the indulgent theme also felt quite "just," according to the 32-year-old, who explains that when her youngest son was just 3 days old, he was diagnosed with a genetic disease called galactosemia. "I didn't understand what was going on, but for months they ran blood tests," Young shares. "It was scary and miserable, and in essence, [the concern was that] if he ended up eating any sort of food with a certain cellular makeup, it would start to shut down his liver and brain functions. The genetic division called us one day and told us he was just a carrier, and he was good to go. That was a huge relief, so somehow having a gluttonous, food-themed party felt just!"

Leaning on her background, Young pulled together a truly memorable event for her little boy, featuring flame shirts, photo ops galore, a ranch fountain, milkshake bar, a cake that looked like a giant burger with trashcan nachos being poured on it, Guy Fieri-themed cookies, as well as a special donation station with a Campbell's soup theme. 

Instead of presents, Young asked the 150 guests to bring canned food to donate to a local children's shelter. They could also fill out "Campbell's recipe cards" with advice that Campbell could read later in life. 

Here are just a few of the coolest highlights from the fête.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.25.50 AM[2].png
Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.25.09 AM[2].png
Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.25.15 AM[2].png

As for Campbell's reaction to the party? "Unfazed," Young says. "He got to eat a chicken strip, which was exciting, and lick pieces of his Swiss cheese-shaped smash cake. In front of about 150 people. Truly unphased. I clipped magnetic earrings on him—didn't even acknowledge it. Made him wear arm sweat bands, just another day!"

That said, grown-up guests "loved it!" And really, who wouldn't? Props to this mom for going above and beyond to celebrate her L.O.'s first year in true Flavortown style!

The team behind the affair:


Shirts and dresses: @annelainepatterns

Venue: @recreationparkgc18events

Signs and props: @backlotpartyprops

Balloons: @m_balloon_co

Photo booth: @macncheesephotobooths

Photo booth props: @thevintagemimosa 

Invites: Nataly Young

Milkshake bar: @greatdanebakingco

Boss mustang: @hanblackk