A mom’s confrontation with her child’s bully is making the rounds on social media, raising the question of how far should we go to protect our kids.

By Kristi Pahr
November 08, 2019
Illustration by Sarina Finkelstein; Getty Images (1)

Being a parent allows you to tap into a well of emotions few others can reach. Love, worry, and exhaustion, yes, but also anger. When someone intentionally harms our kid, the rage a parent is capable of really knows no bounds. Reason can fly out the window in the face of the instinctive need to protect our kids. It’s intense.

But when the person who hurt our kid is another kid, how do we channel that rage? That need to defend and protect? One mom's reaction is sparking that debate across social media. In a viral Twitter video shared by London Streets, a mother is seen confronting her son’s alleged bully, and wow, does she go off. During the extremely aggressive altercation, which was recorded by the target of the mom’s rage, she can be heard saying “Touch my son again and I’ll rip your f***ing face off, I’ll rip your mom’s face off, your dad’s face off.” At one point she steps out of the frame to remove her jacket and pull her hair up in a ponytail like she’s about to literally beat up her son’s bully.


The bully, who was obviously freaking out, keeps repeating “You’re not allowed to touch me,” but this angry mom apparently did not care. She was out for major vengeance.

Now, despite the fact that some parents are probably cheering her on, remembering their own children's bully encounters, I think we can all agree that she went a little overboard. While we all might want to scare our kid’s bullies out of commission, we have to remember that, in the end, they’re kids too, no matter how mean or misguided. As adults, we have to recognize the limits—both legal and moral—and be sure not to cross them, regardless of how much we may want to not only cross the line but bust through it like a vengeful god demanding retribution for our wronged child.

As adults, the onus is on us to not only provide a good example for our kids on how to handle conflict but how to manage our emotions. Sure, everyone loses it sometimes, that’s unavoidable, but losing it on a kid is a tad bit overboard and will not lead to anything but negative consequences. So, while this mom’s rage is totally relatable let’s hope her actions aren't.


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