Wiggly toddlers can certainly make diaper changes challenging, but a mom from the U.K. recently shared a trick that can make the process far more streamlined for parents. 

diaper change technique
Credit: Liderina/Shutterstock 

Once your little one is able to stand on her own two feet and especially once they're on the move, giggling and wiggling all over, diaper changes are sure to get more challenging. And of course, you want to do everything you can to keep those onesie flaps out of the way, and when a kid is on-the-go, that gets even tougher. Thankfully, many moms are absolute geniuses and take to the internet to share their secrets of success. One such mom is Amy, who writes the blog Mama, Eden & Me. Lifehacker recently uncovered a brilliant diaper change trick guaranteed to keep onesie flaps clean. 

The trick was shared on the Eden & Me Facebook page alongside the caption, "Life hack! Brought to you by Amy! For stand up bum changes, fasten the vest/onesie thingy at the shoulder. Keeps all of the clothes out of the way of the stinky butt! #genius"

Photos that accompany the post show how Amy secured the bottom of the onesie around her L.O.'s shoulder, using the snaps to fasten it in place.

This way, the bottom half of the onesie is out of your hair so you can tend to the diaper, baby gets to stay cozy and at least partially dressed, and it seems as though it's sure to be a timesaver for all involved!

Commenters agreed it's a fantastic trick. One wrote, "I do this!! And with my toddler's tshirts, I pull it up over his head in the back and he thinks it's hilarious, so it keeps him occupied!" Another shared how happy they are to learn about it, writing, "Omg! My son is 3 so unless I have another I'll never use this but it's amazing!"

Yes, let's be real: Anything that save time and a mess is sure to get two thumbs-up from anyone on diaper duty!