Mom Shares Midnight Parenting Fail That Had Her 'Sobbing' And Redditors Prove She's Not Alone

No parent, or child, gets out completely unscathed. Reddit users join one mom to share some of their parenting fails—and some are pretty hilarious.

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Accidents happen, and they happen to kids a lot. Sometimes, they're even going to be a parent's fault. It's a painful lesson for new parents, and one mom went to Reddit to share her horror story in the hope of making another parent's life a little easier.

User Nedotedo recounted her most cringe-worthy parenting fail, the night when, sprinting with her nauseated son to the bathroom, she "ran into the door with my toddler like a battering ram."

"The bathroom door that I had specifically left open in case we needed to run for it was closed. My husband had gotten up to use the toilet and closed the door afterwards," she wrote.

To make matters even worse, her son (whose head was fine) threw up everywhere. In the dark, his mom worried it was blood from a head injury and panicked.

"I howled and cried that I had killed my son," she wrote. Her husband found her in the hallway "too hysterical to notice that my dead son is crying in my lap and that [we] were covered in spaghetti vomit and not blood. He's alive and thankfully not so much hurt as he was shocked."

The story is worth reading in full, but stay for the comments from other caregivers who have horror stories of their own. It's enough to make any parent who's ever cut a finger while clipping a baby nail or bumped a kid's head on the doorframe while getting them into the car breathe a little easier.

There were a few common themes of mild parenting accidents and nail trimming mishaps were one. "When my daughter was probably 2-3 months old I was trying to clip her nails and I accidentally clipped off a meaty bit of skin on her thumb, enough to draw blood," wrote one user.

"Oh if you haven't bumped your kid's head off a car door, are you even a parent?" chimed another.

Small children rolling off beds or even falling down stairs were also common. It's a good reminder that childproofing can be very important-furniture that can tip should be anchored to walls-and it only takes a short time for an accident to happen.

One parent shared a story of athletic prowess that seemingly didn't materialize. Turns out the problem was a lack of glasses: "My son was in little league, age about 11. He was a terrific, natural player. He was catcher, and pitcher. Had a great arm. But he was wild. Off the mark sometimes. Next year he came back and he couldn't hit the strike zone to save his life. Okay, not going to be a pro ball player. That's fine. We all moved on to other things. Found out a few years later that his eyesight was starting to get bad. He couldn't see, but he never said anything because it was just a little bit bad. But enough to throw off his pitching."

Finally, there was a worthwhile reminder that kids will get into anything and if you want something to stay private, you should put a lock on it.

One user's preschooler was playing upstairs when her parent heard "loud, angry crying." Walking in the room, it turned out that she'd covered herself in personal lubricant. "Her hair, face, arms, all slathered in the maximum amount of lube, an entire box of tissues is emptied and apparently she's angry because she can't get it off."

The nightstand, the user wrote, now only contains socks.

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