Mom Shames Ex Using Baby's Onesie and the Internet Thinks She Took It Too Far

A mom took Father's Day as an opportunity to call out her ex for leaving her for a 16-year-old. But was it too much?

lower half of baby's legs and feet wearing white onesie and laying on white sheet
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Father's Day can bring up a lot of feelings. For one unnamed mom, this holiday led to a social media post that had tongues wagging. The mom took the opportunity to snarkily call her child's dad out for leaving her—for a 16-year-old.

In a photo posted on Facebook and later shared on Reddit, their little one is posing in a onesie that reads "Happy Father's Day to my dad who left me for a 16-year-old."

Captioning the picture, the revenge-seeking mother wrote, "Just a quick message to my children's dad. Happy Father's Day, hope you have an amazing day."

u/51ShadesofGinge then shared a redacted screenshot of the post in a thread on the "Trashy" subreddit, titled "Classy folk all around." Redditors quickly piled on.

One of the top comments from u/JoeyPepperoni101, read: "It's so frustrating knowing that there's people in this world who think airing-out-their-dirty-laundry publicly somehow gets back at somebody else. The worst part is it's usually extraordinarily private matters that they post about. And don't bring the baby literally someone who has nothing to do with this into it that's a public picture on the internet of that baby forever now. Thank God I'm old enough to not have my entire life since birth encrypted on the internet by my parents."

And u/B-in-Va noted, "Good luck to the kid, sounds like mom and dad are two pieces of work."

Others called it "sad and humiliating" and expressed concern for the baby.

There's no doubt that social media posts like this often add even more fuel to custody and breakup battles that are already major dumpster fires.

Every year in the U.S., one million kids experience parental separation or divorce. And according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), parental conflict and tension can lead to behavioral problems and distress in children.

Separation and divorce are complex for families because while the children's needs are heightened, parents often find themselves experiencing their own distress, making them less emotionally available for their children.

It's critical for parents to do everything they can to minimize their interpersonal tension to limit the effects it could have on their children. If you find yourself struggling, seek out mental health resources for yourself and your children. For example, you and your kids may benefit from individual counseling, family counseling, or both.

Here's hoping these parents can find an amicable path forward, if only for the sake of their child.

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