"I love you and I trust you and I love you."

By Jessica Booth
September 18, 2019

Saying goodbye to a young child as they head to school for the day can be a tough moment for parents, especially in the very beginning of the school year when everyone is still adjusting to the change in schedule. It's not unusual for moms and dads to get emotional about being away from their kids all day—or their little ones growing up—during drop-off.

Mom Ariele Stewart was dealing with all those heavy feelings as she sent her daughter Millie off to school this week. As she watched Millie walk away (backward, no less!), she got a surprise second goodbye that every parent wants to hear. Luckily for the rest of us, she recorded the entire adorable moment so we could all experience it.

Stewart posted the video to her Instagram account with a caption calling it "toddler pure-hearted gold." Apparently, as she was leaving, Millie realized she hadn't kissed her mom goodbye. Before she could get too far away, she turned around and ran back to Stewart for a hug and a kiss, saying, "I love you and I trust you and I love you and I love you."

While Stewart's video was a big hit among her followers, it didn't quite take off until a friend tweeted it out, when it quickly, and unsurprisingly, went viral.

Stewart explained that Millie goes to daycare and just started the preschool room, and on that day, she was really excited to get to class. She explained that that day, Millie was being dropped off by her dad, saying, "For whatever reason, she was toddler-adamant about them both walking backward down our street. I thought it was hilarious so started videoing, then she realized she forgot to give me her usual kiss and shouted, 'Wait! Kiss!' and took off towards me."

As for that adorable "I trust you" line that Millie unexpectedly threw at her mom in between all the love? Stewart said that they're in the midst of introducing the concept of trust to Millie: "So trust has been floating around her head in an abstract way, and she's been saying it in some pretty funny conversations. This just happened to be the best way, and I miraculously got it on camera."

Although Stewart was ecstatic about her daughter's hilariously sweet goodbye, for Millie, it was no big deal. Stewart said, "Maybe the funniest part is that after our kiss goodbye, she went right back to walking backward down the street (after a near-trip over an uneven sidewalk)." Sounds about right for a preschooler!


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