Mom Says Making Her Kids Pay Rent Is Just One Of Her 'Unpopular' Parenting Rules

One TikTok mom sparked debate after sharing her controversial parenting rules that include charging her teenage kids rent.

TikTok Mom Fawna
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No matter how much you try to avoid it, everyone will have an opinion on what kind of a parent you are. And since parents have been catching friction and flak on every detail of every decision they've ever made, it was bound to happen that parents would clap back at some point. Enter: TikTok.

In a recent TikTok question intended for stitching, when one creator tacks a video onto the end of another creator's video to respond to something shown or said, parents share their "unpopular" parenting rules. One mom, in particular, has sparked some interesting debate online with a few of her rules.

"Ok, I might lose some followers and get some hate, but you know, it is what it is," says Fawna, better known as @tru_n8v on TikTok. "In my house, at the age of 13, you're allowed to cuss, as long as you use it in the proper context, and you do not disrespect adults. And yes, you will say 'ma'am', you will say 'sir', you will be respectful."

Fawna shared three of her parenting rules with TikTok that all have to do with setting boundaries and expectations between her and her kids. And honestly? They are kind of brilliant. At the beginning of the video, she says that her kids will be allowed to cuss. Let's face it; all kids will eventually start using spicy language, so why not create boundaries about how to use taboo language?

"When my kids were little, I would get their breakfast ready and everything in the morning. And yes, they would be taken care of, they would be f**king fine," she says in her video. "But none of them were allowed to bother me, talk to me, touch me, nothing, until after I had my first cup of coffee. And yes, they followed that rule, and yes, they're fine."

As a mother of three young kids, I admire the chutzpah of setting a boundary around sounds and touch, particularly in the morning. She's teaching her kids that there are times when people need space, and they are learning from a young age what that can look like and how to navigate it in healthy ways.

Fawna tells Parents that she has three boys ages 10, 13, and 16 and that she hadn't seen other TikTok creators talking much about the kinds of rules that she has in her house, so she got up the courage to share.

"I had seen a few stitches. However, I wasn't seeing anything that I have done for my boys or planned to do," Fawna says. "As for what parents get out of it? That it's ok to set boundaries with your kids no matter how young. Even if it's just a cup of coffee."

But it wasn't just cussing and a quiet cup of morning coffee that caught everyone's attention. Fawna's third rule sent TikTok users to the comments section.

"At the age of 16, they're required to get a job, a driver's license, and then ah, they have to start paying rent, which I will save it until at whatever point they decided that they want to move out," she says in her video. "I'll return all the rent they paid me over the months or over the years, and they'll have a nice nest egg to start."

To some, Fawna's third rule may have sounded cold, as if she's fleecing her kids of their hard-earned money. But she has a grand plan. While her children are living under her roof, she's teaching them responsibility and boundaries that will serve them well into the future. While her kids are in school, the monthly rent will be $100 but will bump up to $250 a month after graduation, "because they can work full-time; this will get the savings up nicely," Fawna wrote in the comments.

One TikTok user wasn't into this unpopular opinion, writing, "Hell nah, she would spend it on herself, man. I would definitely move out or even get a foster parent than dealing with her."

But not everyone shared that cynical point of view. Plenty of people chimed in to say that they had wished their parents had thought of this "rent" idea.

TikTok user Veronica Ann wrote, "I love the rent idea! I think it teaches them responsibility and independence early on! Great job, mom!"

And some were a bit on the fence with the rent idea. Hailey Marie wrote, "I don't agree, and I do agree at the same time with the rent. It's because I don't believe anyone's parents should charge their child rent. However, you're talking about 'rent,' not rent. I like that. I thought about doing this with my children as well."

Perhaps Hailey Marie means to say that "rent" is more like practice for Fawna's kids to get used to the real world before having to experience it.

When asked if Fawna had instituted the rent rule with her oldest, who is now 16-years-old, she says, "He is currently job hunting but still working at our friend's farm while he looks. He has an appointment to get his license. All of my boys have known this was coming their whole lives. It's just a norm for them. They understand why I am doing it and tell me they respect it."

Remember: don't judge another parent for their "unpopular" rules. They might just have a brilliant plan up their sleeves.

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