The Florida-based mom took to LinkedIn to share the result of her daughter's handiwork as a cautionary tale for other parents.

By Maressa Brown
illustration of girl talking into cell phone to Siri
Photo illustration by Sarina Finkelstein; Getty Images (1)

When kids get their hands on smartphones and experiment with virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa, they foster crucial skills that will serve them for the rest of their increasingly digital lives. But little ones also have a knack for stirring up trouble with their tech-related antics. For one Florida mom named Lauren Brown, her daughter's fun with Siri resulted in Brown's phone calling her "Poop Your Pants"—and she didn't notice that this was the case until she saw it appear on a work email.

Brown took to LinkedIn last week to share, "In case you’re wondering how my career is progressing, my daughter asked #Siri to call me 'Poop Your Pants,' which I didn’t realize until I was copied on an email to a client. Let this be a cautionary tale to all you working parents!"

Thankfully, the little girl's mom was able to laugh about it upon discovering what had happened. Her LinkedIn followers couldn't help but giggle—and commiserate, as well.

Marcia Boyd wrote, "My daughter did this to my dad. He’s 72 and drives for Uber and barely knows how to use his iPhone. A passenger had a question and my dad felt proud saying, 'Oh, I’ll ask Siri.' When he did, she said, 'Here is what I found online for you, Lady Lumps.' He was so embarrassed. And it wasn’t until after he called me did he learn what lady lumps actually are! Needless to say, the passenger cracked up laughing." 

Bobbie Marie Gonzalez wrotes, "Oh my goodness my son did this to me!!! He told Siri to call me 'jiggly butt.' I didn’t know whether to be mad or proud that he got me."

And a LinkedIn user named Sarah Brunel shared how her daughter got involved in her work day in a different way: "My daughter called up one of my clients and went on about how she likes muffins. She's 3. I'll make sure to lock my phone next time!"

Gotta love kids for always finding silly, tech-savvy ways to keep parents on their toes!