Karen Alpert sent her husband to the grocery store with a shopping list of nonexistent items—and the hysterical prank went viral.

By Rebecca Macatee
April 08, 2019
Credit: Karen Alpert

April 8, 2019

Every parent has strengths and weaknesses, and for Karen Alpert's hubby Greg, grocery shopping falls into the latter category. The father of two tends to have a little trouble getting the right items from the grocery list, and his wife (creator of the parenting humor blog Baby Sideburns) used this knowledge to prank him good.

She sent Greg to the grocery store with a shopping list of nonexistent items to thoroughly confuse him. The grocery list included 3 percent milk, seedless strawberries, fat-free hummus, Wheat Thins (but only "the ones in the blue box"), diet Diet Coke (with a note saying he "might have to ask because it's new"), mellow cheese, and organic Pop-Tarts.

"I was doing everything that morning so I just decided to have a little fun at his expense," Karen tells Parents.com.

A photo of the hilarious shopping list has been shared more than 57,000 times since it was posted to Baby Sideburns' Facebook page last month.

"Clearly it resonated with a lot of moms!" says Karen, who shares two kids with Greg—daughter Zoey, 9, and son Holden, 7.

Luckily, Greg was a good sport about his wife's clever prank, even posing for an exasperated photo lying on the floor of the soda aisle at the grocery store.

But despite his grocery store troubles, Greg is "a very helpful husband and deserves a break once in a while," Karen says.

That becomes clear when scrolling through the family's other content. In another Baby Sideburns Facebook post, Karen said her husband, "does 50 percent of the work around our house (which means he does stuff like laundry and the dishes and packing lunches because he probably wouldn't know how to plan a kid's b-day party or how to sign up the kids for their activities).

"So when I complain because he's lying on the sofa and I write out a fake shopping list for him, or when I complain that he won't touch wrapped, unused tampons, or when I complain that his toes are sticking out of his socks or that he puts his dirty clothes on top of the hamper instead of in it or that he acts like he's dying of the plague when he has a man cold—I'm not saying he's a crappy husband," she went on. "He's the best guy on earth. Even when he's at the grocery store desperately searching for seedless strawberries."


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