Mom On TikTok Shows Just How Little Personal Space Parents Really Get

One mom has other parents also illustrating just how much their little ones know about their everyday routines.

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Parents know all too well just how much info toddlers are soaking up at any given time. That's why it's not that surprising that when you hand them deodorant or a makeup sponge, they know exactly what to do with it. But let's be honest: Toddlers also know exactly what to do with these items, because they're basically on top of you 24/7. And people on TikTok are doing the "how to test how much personal space you get as a mother challenge" to show just how true that is.

In the original TikTok, mom Rachael Woolsey shows her daughter taking one personal care item at a time and demonstrating how to use each. The voice-over advises, "Hand your toddler your personal things, and watch their response. If they get all of them right, you have your answer."

In her caption, Woolsey wrote, "Yeah, apparently I have [no personal space]. Can we please start this as a trend? I need to know I'm not the only one."

Other moms, like Kansas Michalke, followed suit, and most kids do, in fact, get "all of them right."

Parents showed their kids recognizing and showing how to use everything from lip gloss and mascara to flossers and menstrual cups, pads, or tampons.

Another mom also demonstrated how her kids know what her personal care items are for but appear to be in the dark about their dad's.

Clearly, the challenge results just go to show that Woolsey—and plenty of moms who wish they had just a smidge more personal space—are anything but alone.

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