The brand, Annie The Brave, was inspired by the founder Chelsea Coulston's 6-year-old daughter who dreams of "being a scientist who studies fashion" and wanted a dress that would reflect that.

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April 18, 2019

Although we've made much progress in terms of gender equality over the past few decades, we still have a way to go—especially in terms of the messaging that little girls are receiving from society. Data from the 2015 Always Confidence and Puberty Survey suggested around 72% of girls feel like society dictates what they can and cannot do. And something as simple as seeing STEM-inspired clothing aimed exclusively at little boys only serves to compound that troubling issue. That's just thing that drove mom of two Chelsea Coulston to found girls' clothing brand Annie The Brave, which launched on Kickstarter on April 15. 

Another motivating force: Coulston, who is also the blogger behind Making Home Base, has a 6-year-old daughter named Peighton who declared that she would like to be a scientist who studies fashion. In the spirit of her dream, she requested a "science girl dress," but Coulston quickly found that no such dress, or even the fabric to make one, was available for purchase. So, she decided to create both and launch Annie The Brave, a name she chose as an homage to her two girls: Peighton Anne and Millie, as well as Caroline Paul, one of San Francisco's first female firefighters who gave a TED Talk about her experience and who epitomizes bravery.

“Annie The Brave is a company I wish was around when I was growing up,” said Coulston said in a statement. “I was inspired by my own fearless daughter to really take the concept and bring it to market. Knowing that I couldn’t buy or make something she thought should already exist was the driving catalyst. Little girls can like things like space and sharks that aren’t necessarily girly, but still want to wear a dress. Annie The Brave promotes equal opportunity, encouragement, inspiration, and support for little girls everywhere. I’m looking forward to growing the brand and bringing Annie to life.”

So far, Coulston has created dresses in three adorable, colorful, whimsical designs that rival any rainbow, unicorn, or princess patterns: Scientist girl, Ocean/Sharks, and Space. They're currently available in sizes 2-8 and will retail for $35.

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So far, the Annie The Brave Kickstarter has raised nearly $5K of its $13K goal. Whether or not they meet that specific goal, sales will move over to on May 15. Also cool: The brand has collaborated with the popular STEM-based company GoldieBlox for a special reward tier and will be hosting giveaways with the brand. 

Bravo to Coulston for working to fill a much-needed void in the marketplace for girls. With hope, Annie The Brave dresses will remind girls everywhere that they are strong, capable, brave, and can absolutely turn their wildest dreams into reality.