The mom from San Antonio wants other parents to know that the Sharper Image-brand toy could be dangerous. 

By Maressa Brown
December 27, 2018
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Credit: Unsplash

A mom from San Antonio is warning other parents to be vigilant about a toy that could be dangerous for kids. Maria Rendon says she bought a laser gun set for her son for Christmas, and within moments of use, the toy heated up and exploded.

“They had barely started playing with them,” Maria Rendon told News 4 San Antonio. "He’s like ‘Mom, the gun's real hot.’ I said, ‘Let me see.’ So he brought it over and this right here [the handle] is what was super, super hot."

Rendon explained to the news outlet that she turned the gun upside down and one AA battery popped out, while the other stayed put. 

She says when she turned it upside down, one battery popped right out but the other stayed put. "It just squirted all that. It made a popping noise and it squirted black stuff all over me,” Rendon says. "My face, my eyes, everywhere."The batteries were new, so it seems as though the problem originated with the laser tag set, which was Sharper Image brand. Rendon contacted Sharper Image after the incident, and they told her to contact the manufacturer of the toy, which is MerchSource.

According to ABC13, MerchSource told Rendon that they'll replace the toy and inspect the old one to better understand the root cause of the explosion

Nonetheless, Rendon is urging people to do safety checks on toys before gifting them to their L.O.s. “Make sure to check the toys and everything before they put them [under the tree],” the mother recommends.

News 4 San Antonio reports that there doesn't appear to be a current Consumer Product Safety Commission recall on the toy, but there's also a notice on the website that the commission is closed as a result of the partial government shutdown. Concerned consumers can try the toll-free consumer hotline on (800) 638-2772.