Mom Hides Cash for Other Parents in Baby Products at Target in a Viral Video

The successful registered nurse-turned-entrepreneur who runs Milky Mama pulled off the stealthy move in an effort to give back to other parents.

Milky Mama
Photo: Courtesy of Milky Mama

Back in 2015, Krystal Duhaney had just welcomed her second child. She found herself struggling with her milk supply after returning to work—and frustrated that there weren't very many resources for new moms like her. Duhaney quickly decided to be a part of the solution, pairing her knowledge as a registered nurse with a love of baking, and she created a cookie recipe that would promote milk production.

Now the founder of successful lactation treat company Milky Mama, Duhaney is committed to giving back. The most recent example: The entrepreneur and her husband went to Target locations in Southern California and shot a video of themselves hiding cash in items like baby formula and boxes of diapers. In captions on the clip, Dunhaney explained that when they first became parents, they "struggled to make ends meet," but now that she owns a successful business, she wanted to do something for parents in need, because she knows "how hard it can be."

She ended the clip with the caption, "You're doing a great job, and your baby loves you so much."

Duhaney tells that she was inspired to do the Target runs after a recent shopping trip during which she and her husband were "shocked to see how expensive" baby items had become since they welcomed their first child. "My husband and I remembered how difficult it was to afford some of the most essential baby items," she says. "We could only imagine how difficulty it must be for some parents, especially during the pandemic. We wanted to do something that would brighten the day of a few parents and give back in a special way."

The entrepreneur's Target run is far from her only philanthropic venture. Last year, she established the Milky Mama Scholarship Fund to help address the racial disparities in breastfeeding rates. The Fund has already raised ten of thousands of dollars to pay for the certification courses and exam fees for aspiring Black lactation consultants.

The proud mom hopes her efforts serve to inspire parents "to give back and be kind to one another, because we are all struggling in our own way." Duhaney concludes, "You never know what a kind gesture might mean to someone and their family."

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